Outdoor Water play with coloured water, glitter and bubbles

The weather this week has been so mixed but we’ve tried to get out and about as much as possible.  So when the rain meant we couldn’t go out as planned a quick rethink was needed.  After playing some games and doing some puzzles the rain had eased. I seized the chance to get outside and set up some water play.  Plus my new tuff spot had arrived the day before so it was an opportunity to use it for the first time.  

Once everyone was wrapped in their waterproofs we went out into the garden.  I armed the children with chalk and let them draw on the patio while I filled the water table with soapy warm water.  I got the tuff spot out and laid out some sieves, funnels, scoops and measuring spoons.  Last year I had collected with the help of family and the child I was caring for the tesco for school vouchers, I opted for a water play set which contained all the great bowls, sieves etc but this was their first outing since they arrived during November.  I dug out a picnic rug so that the boys could all sit down around the tough spot and also meant that Erin could join in. 
play invitation
I decided not to put any water in the tuff spot to start with and let the boys have fun experimenting with transporting water between the tuff spot and the water table and vice versa.  After about twenty minutes the boys had used scopes, bowls and cups and had filled the bottom of the tuff spot with soapy water.  So wanting to add something to the activity I went and got some blue food colouring (I somehow managed to end up with two blue fingers!) and blue glitter which I added some of each to the water in the tuff spot.  The children were all immediately drawn to it, wanting to mix it in and exploring how different objects looked under the blue water.  

Just by adding these two simple things to the set up it provided the children with more opportunities to explore.  We looked at how the water looked different being poured out of a scoop in the tuff spot with the added colour and glitter to that in the water table that was just soapy.  They experimented with using different sieves as to how the water flowed and how the coloured water altered the colour of the equipment they were using.  
Erin was thrilled with the opportunity to join in, she loves her baths but this was a new experience to her and by having the use of the tuff spot she was able to play alongside the boys.  She was happy to get right in and loved using the various funnels and sieves. 
The older two boys were starting to get a little fed up after 50 minutes so I got out some bottle of bubble mix for the boys and they started looking at how the bubbles in the water were different to those they were blowing with the bubble mix
We managed just over an hour outside playing before the rain appeared again and we had to return inside.   Erin wasn’t best impressed at not being able to play for longer and the boys had all loved the opportunity to get wet!

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13 thoughts on “Outdoor Water play with coloured water, glitter and bubbles

  1. Sarah says:

    Ahh it looks like they all had fun. My little boy loves water play! X

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    The water play you set up was inclusive for all the age ranges which was great! No matter the weather water play is always a sure winner. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

    1. welshmumof3 says:

      yes water play is always a hit and s many possibilties 🙂

  3. Food colouring is absolutely my favourite household substance – so many possibilities! Lovely to see your children out having fun despite our spring weather.
    Lucinda (visiting via Country Kids)

  4. Mummy of Two says:

    Love that the simplest things keep kids entertained for ages. Looks like they had a great time!

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    love this honey and the sieves and stuff look fab!

  6. Jess says:

    Ah someone else that has linked the messy play linky up with country kids as well!I did the same,isnt it funny how the two things can be so intermingled 🙂

    1. welshmumof3 says:

      yes it is 🙂 when you think about it alot of our posts probably could work that way 🙂

  7. Emma T says:

    Looks like a really good set to have. Looking forward to better weather so we can get out our water table.

  8. Charly Dove says:

    This is just brilliant, my two year old would be in her element! Would love to know where you got the big black one from, looks ideal for indoor messy play too 🙂

  9. Sarahmumof3 says:

    what a great idea, e had the pirate water table but never a tuffspot, the kids always used to empty the water onto the floor! seems pouring is the best fun so a great idea to set up two areas like this.

  10. Looks like great fun! I sometimes forget how much mine love water play!


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