Quinnycasters challenge 5 – All dressed up

This weeks task should have been quite simple but with the older two boys wanting more control over their clothes, it proved harder than I anticipated.  
I have always loved choosing outfits for the boys and there are so many great clothes to choose from these days.  But imagine my joy when I discovered we were having a girl, my mind quickly turned to all the pretty dresses and outfits I would finally be able to buy.  I love dressing Erin in pinks and reds, they really suit her colouring but lately she has been bought some gorgeous outfits in blues and whites. 
The older two have lately taken to wanting to dress themselves, the results have often been interesting to say the least.  But I’ve realised they need to find their own style and express themselves.  So when I told them about this weeks task they quickly went and put on their favourite clothes. 
I’m more practical to my approach when it comes to clothes and spend a lot of time in jeans or black trousers and often trainers or my boots.  Working with children I tend to wear clothes that provide comfort and hide the various marks I obtain throughout the day.  However dad of 3 bought me this really comfortable gallet at Christmas and it has become a favourite item with me and is worn almost daily. 
Rowan is a typical boy and loves various cartoon characters like angry birds, Mario and scooby doo.  To be honest he’d rather be walking around in his pants!  So here are the results of this weeks task …
And all of us together ready to go out for the afternoon.

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