Shopping for designer children’s clothes with Strawberry Children

Like most mums I love choosing clothes for my children to wear and the choices available are getting better every season. What with high street stores and online retailers offering gorgeous ranges to tempt us each and every season.
I’ve loved choosing clothes for the boys over the years and now Erin is here I am loving the opportunity to buy outfits for her. Although my mum keeps asking why I have to dress her in pink all the time, a bit of an exaggeration but after three sons I think I’m entitled to enjoy having pink in the house.
Due to not having much choice when it comes to shops for children’s clothes I tend to shop online more and at least that way I have access to a wider range of products. As the boys are getting older they are starting to take more notice of what they wear and clothing brands. A lot of it is influenced by friends at school too and while I have to admit I love kids designer clothestoo.
However a few of my friends have mentioned they have bought items for online stores that sell designer clothes and have several designers in one place. So I decided to take a look, one of the site’s I was recommended was Strawberrychildren so had I had a look. 
Strawberry Children has a lovely range of designer children’s clothes from Vivienne Westwood, Armani Junior, Emile et Rose to Ralph Lauren boys.
The website is easy to navigate enabling you to find what you want quickly. Almost straight away I spotted some gorgeous Ralph Lauren boys polo shirts and shorts which would love lovely on the older boys and then I spotted some delightful Emile et Rose nightwear that Erin would look adorable in. 

They also have a customer service telephone number that is open six days a week , Monday to Friday with someone who can help you if you have any problems and can also take your order over the telephone if you prefer not to place it online. I noticed that if you become a fan of their facebook page you also have access to exclusive discounts which is always handy. Additionally Strawberry Children offer a 14 day money back guarantee and also a Price Match Promise too, no that is also a bonus. 

I’ve also been able to set up a wish list with them which I was able to do once I had set up an account. Having a wish list means I can add items to one place and can return to them at a later date if I want to. You can then move items from your wish list to your shopping basket with one click to enable you then to purchase them. I regularly use wish list with other online retailers and is really good when you are shopping for multiple people or reasons. I now have several things on my wish list and with Rowan and Luc’s birthday’s in the next few months I will be returning to the list when I’m asked for gift suggestions.
Now all I need to do is persuade dad of 3 that the children really need some new clothes!
This post was brought to you by Strawberry Children, however the content of the post is 100% my own.

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