Tildo Cutting Fruit Set from Dillons Toybox

Last week the postman brought an exciting package from Dillons Toybox for the boys to try out,  A Tildo Cutting Fruits Set made for John Crane.  Some of you will already know that we love wooden toys here so there was great excitement when the boys returned from school and saw the set waiting.  
One of the other things the boys love playing is role play and Erin has recently started taking a real interest in the toy kitchen and play food.  It’s lovely to watch them all playing alongside each other.  While under the watchful eye of Erin, Rowan wasted no time in unpacking the contents of the box.  At first he wasn’t too sure as to what was inside but as he unwrapped each wooden fruit he began to realise what it was.  I asked him to name each of the fruits as he unwrapped them and place them on the chopping board.  Then once they were all unwrapped I asked him to count how many there were, 7 different wooden fruit. 

Rowan then spotted the wooden knife and asked what it was for, I explained it was for cutting the fruits in half which he found very funny!  So I asked him to pass me the knife and then took the wooden apple and cut it in half.  The look of amazement on Rowan’s face was fantastic, he couldn’t believe I had cut the apple in half.  I gave him the wooden knife and told him to have a go cutting one of the other fruits in half.  He choose the banana and spotted the line in the middle and used the knife to cut it in half.  Giggling he cut each of the other fruits in half, when he’d cut them all I showed him how to stick them back together with the clever piece of Velcro so that he could cut them in half all over again.  Erin had intently watched her brother cutting the fruit up and now wanted a go herself.  I helped her to cut a few of the fruit in half but she seemed to enjoy sticking them back together more. 

By the time Rowan and Erin had enjoyed cutting and sticking the fruits back together the older two had returned from their after school activities and was interested to see what they had been up to.  Trystan wanted to join in while Luc decided to wait until they had all finished.  A further half an hour passed with the three younger children all playing with the set.  Trystan thought it was funny to stick two halves of different fruit back together to make new fruits.  But Rowan thoroughly enjoyed cutting the fruits in half, sticking them back together then cutting them again.
The following morning I set out the toy kitchen along with a variety of play food and the cutting fruit set ready for Erin, Rowan and the child I was looking after that day to play with.  When we returned from the school run Rowan and the little boy I had, made a bee line for the kitchen and saucepans without paying much attention to the play food and cutting set.  Erin how ever toddled over to the play food to investigate.  Once the two boys noticed what Erin was doing them went over to see for themselves.  Rowan spotted the cutting set and was quick to show his friend what to do.  Again all three children played happily with the set incorporating it into their play with the kitchen and other play foods.  In fact we didn’t get much else done that morning as they were all happily playing.  
This lovely cutting fruit set costs £13.95 and is a lovely addition to a kitchen set or even as a stand alone toy.  It can be used in so many ways, from role play to helping develop hand eye coordination.  It is aimed at children aged 3 years plus however Erin has played with it under supervision and the children I look after are two years old and have enjoyed the set too.  For more information or to buy your own set please visit Dillon’s Toys Box here
I have very kindly been given an exclusive discount code for all my followers by Dillons Toy Box for 5% off any purchase.  Be quick though as it is only valid for the next 7 days.  Why not use it towards buying your own cutting fruits set.  To claim your 5% discount please enter the code  WMO3 at the checkout.  

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