Win a Trudi Dragon Puppet from Dillons ToyBox

There is something so delightful about puppets, I have early memories of watching puppet shows and been delighted.  Puppets are fantastic for imaginative play and provide hours of fun.  They have come along way since the first puppets like Punch and Judy

Trudi have a lovely range of puppets that have been hand stitched in Italy.  The fur is double stitched to make sure it withstands use by little hands.  All this adds to the high quality of the puppets.  These puppets really are adorable and are sure to bring hours of delight to everyone.  I have a box of puppets that the children play with and they love making up shows for me and their dad with them. 
I have been lucky enough to be given a Trudi Dragon puppet by Dillons Toybox to give away to one lucky person.  This delightful puppet retails at £12.95 and you can buy your own here
you could even use the exclusive discount code  WMO3 which will give you 5% off purchases until Monday 3rd June 2013. 
All you have to do complete the rafflecopter form below.


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126 thoughts on “Win a Trudi Dragon Puppet from Dillons ToyBox

  1. Lucy Mayer says:

    Toothless! 🙂

  2. hannahmdy says:

    Norberta from Harry Potter 🙂

  3. Puff the Magic Dragon!

  4. Mummy of Two says:

    Dragon from Shrek

  5. Puff the Magic Dragon

  6. anna m. says:

    puff the magic dragon?

  7. mummy24 says:

    Mushu in Disneys Mulan


  8. mummy24 says:

    I follow with gfc as mummy24

  9. T. Mitchell-Goodson says:

    Toothless, the Night Fury dragon from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’!!

  10. Elliot from Pete’s Dragon

  11. Anonymous says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  12. Mel Briscoe says:

    I follow via GFC

  13. Mel Briscoe says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  14. Anonymous says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  15. Haku in Miyazaki Hayao’s Spirited Away

  16. Sarah Walford says:

    Godzilla and Godzuki!!

  17. Kim Carberry says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  18. Kim Carberry says:

    I follow via GFC as Kim Carberry

  19. Amanda Walsh says:

    puff the magic dragon

  20. Anonymous says:

    ELLIOT (Peter and the dragon)

    Kathy D

  21. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  22. Puff the magic dragon

  23. Kate Davies says:

    The soup dragon from the clangers

  24. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Elliott in Pete’s Dragon

  25. Puff the magic dragon!
    Followed as Charlotte Clark via NetworkedBlogs

  26. Puff the magic Dragon!

  27. Annie Costa says:

    Elliott-the dragon from Pete’s Dragon(book&film)

    1. Annie Costa says:


  28. Mandy Cove says:

    puff the magic dragon @mandsmanc

  29. Jo Jones says:

    Puff the magic dragon

  30. Puff the Magic Dragon (lived on the shelf dumdedum de dum carries on singing in head!)

  31. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    Draco from Dragonheart i loved that film as a kid lol 🙂


  32. Elliot was in Pete’s Dragon!

  33. jenniwren12 says:

    puff the magic dragon

  34. sarah rees says:

    elliot-petes dragon

  35. Puff the Magic Dragon

  36. abbyed33 says:

    elliot…one of my all time fave films

  37. Puff the magic dragon!

  38. Kieran J says:

    Puff the magic dragon

  39. sofia ramos says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  40. Smaug in The Hobbit

  41. puff the magic dragon

  42. does the luckdragon from neverending story count?

  43. The Soup Dragon from The Clangers!

  44. Toothless – How to train a dragon. Love that.

  45. dragon60 says:

    Squirt- mike the knight

  46. dragon60 says:

    Just realised it said from a film, will have to go with Dragon from Shrek. Please ignore my Squirt from mike the knight!

  47. dragon60 says:

    GFC- sian hallewell

  48. Anonymous says:

    Mushu from mulan

    claire matthews-curtis

  49. Sarah Queenan says:

    Elliot from Pete’s Dragon, love that movie!

  50. Andy Harris says:

    puff the magic dragon

  51. KirstyL says:

    puff the magic dragon

  52. Follow via Networked Blogs as Gemma Chamberlain

  53. Arghhh I’m struggling to think! I’ll have to steal Puff from some of the guys abive. How rubbish am I?

  54. Penny Lee says:

    That one out of the Merlin series, tho I don’t know his name

  55. Barney or Elliot in Petes dragon

  56. puff the magic dragon @chanson2010

  57. magical says:

    following on gfc as magical

  58. magical says:

    puff the magic dragon.

  59. andrea lloyd says:

    toothless how to train a dragon film

  60. kasza says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  61. mellysocks says:

    The Dragon from Dragonheart voiced by Sean Connery

  62. Julie Baxter says:

    dragon “shrek”

  63. maci234 says:


  64. Solange says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  65. NICOLA TERRY says:

    Toothless the Night Fury from How to Train your Dragon

  66. Anonymous says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  67. Mickie Bull says:

    Elliott – Pete’s Dragon

  68. Naomib1980 says:

    Mushu from Mulan

  69. Puff the magic dragon

  70. AMANDAAVIS D says:

    elliot from pete’s dragon

  71. Adelaid from george and the dragon

  72. maddogs says:

    Dino,from The Flintstones

  73. Daniel Reid says:

    Pete’s Dragon Elliot

  74. anna8301 says:

    Puff the magic dragon @anna8301

  75. Manda Louise says:

    I follow your blog via pinterest(Amanda Louise),Network Blogs(Amanda Milton),GFC(Manda Louise)and email 🙂

  76. Manda Louise says:

    Elliot the Dragon from Pete’s Dragon 🙂

  77. elff73 says:

    following on gfc as elaine stokes

  78. elff73 says:

    puff the magic dragon he lived by the sea x x x x x

  79. I follow by GFC (bextow)

  80. Anonymous says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon….
    lived by the sea…

  81. MrChiblet says:

    Puff the magic Dragon

  82. thrlrds2007 says:

    Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon 🙂

  83. Fab Giveaway!!

    Puff the magic dragon 🙂 x

  84. EJ Dunn says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  85. sheridarby says:

    Puff The Magic Dragon

  86. zeenie says:

    elliott from petes dragon

  87. Eloise says:

    Aw, Draco from dragon heart

  88. jayne says:

    Pete’s Dragon (Elliot)

  89. diva1977 says:

    Falkor in Never Ending Story

  90. Anonymous says:

    Puff the magic dragon

    Kayleigh Devlin

  91. Jenny Rogers says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  92. cathyj says:

    puff the magic dragon

  93. Harley says:


  94. laura avery says:

    Puff..the first one i can remember!

  95. Sue McCarthy says:

    Pete’s Dragon.
    My mum took us to the pictures to see it when we were kids.

  96. krnries says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon!

  97. Michelle says:

    Puff the Magic dragon – reminds me of MY childhood

  98. Saya says:


    Puff the Magic Dragon(^-^)

  99. rachael jones mann says:

    the obvious that others have said ! Puff !!

  100. lastkisstoo says:

    Elliot from Pete’s Dragon…my favourite childhood movie 🙂 x

  101. BeX says:

    Puff the Magic Dragon

  102. Homebird says:

    Smrgol from The Flight of Dragons – 80’s animation that I love

  103. Laura says:

    Elliot from Pete’s Dragon – so many memories of that film! Used to scare me a bit though!

  104. Erica Price says:

    Idris from Ivor the Engine

  105. jen jackson says:

    puff the magic dragon

  106. mrayner1982 says:

    Draco the Dragon from Dragonheart

  107. elli219 says:

    Elliott (Pete’s Dragon)

  108. I loved the movie Pete’s Dragon and particulalry loved the actual dragon -Elliott

  109. hails84 says:

    puff the magic dragon 🙂

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