Choosing new beds for Children

The last couple of weeks we have been making a start at really trying to sort the house out. Since we moved here just over 18 months ago we haven’t really had much of a chance to think about decorating. Shortly after we moved in I discovered I was expecting Erin so I wasn’t able to do much between working and looking after the boys. I was so tired that any time I did have I spent it resting, so sorting out the house was the last thing on my mind. Then of course Erin arrived and we have spent the last year adapting to being a family of six and getting into some sort of a routine.
But now we feel more settled we have made a start on the house. We have started renovating the kitchen and I am using every spare minute to sort through the boxes and bags that still remain unpacked from the move. The plus side to not doing any decorating etc straight away is that we have been able to live in the house and find out how we function within it.
One thing that has become obvious is that we need to buy a new bed for Trystan. His bedroom is in the smallest bedroom in the house and due to this there is not much space. It means we are going to have to be very careful choosing a new bed for him. We are going to have to be clever with the way we utilize the space making it as functional as possible for him.
We have carefully taken measurements of the room and along with dad of 3 I have started looking online at different options. While doing this we came across TJ Hughes I had heard of them before but hadn’t realised they had an online shop. So was interested to see the range of products available. I quickly realised they had much more to offer than clothing. You can buy home products, toys and games, electricals and beds and bedding.
So we had a look in the Children’s bedssection, there is a great selection of beds to choose from. From single beds, to metal and wooden bunk beds, to cabin beds and high sleepers. There are also cot’s and cot beds too so catering for children of all ages. We’ve been able to really involve Trystan with looking for a new bed too as he can see the images and tell us what he likes. From looking at the different beds I think the best option would be a cabin bed or mid sleeper so that we have some storage incorporated in the bed too. Now we need to look closely at the measurements of the beds he likes to make sure they will fit in the space we have. Which ever we opt for it needs to be practical and meet Trystan’s needs as he grows.
This post is brought to you by T J Hughes however the content is 100% my own.

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  1. It’s the same with mobile phones; kids in lower primary have phones now. !
    But back to the beds, I was 17 when I got my current queen, but I have a co-worker whose 3-year-old daughter has a queen bed!

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