Musical Fun with the Bubble Guppies from Fisherprice

Have you seen Bubble Guppies yet?  Rowan and Erin discovered them recently on Nick Jnr so when I was asked if we would like to try out some of the new Bubble Guppy toys from Fisher price I jumped at the chance.  

 Both Erin and Rowan love making noise, in fact all the children do, okay lets be honest even I enjoy a good music session and I’m sure I’m not alone.  
We were kindly sent the Fin-tastic guitar and the Rockin’ Micro-fin.  Funnily we the package arrived we were actually watching Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr and the children weren’t paying much attention to what I was doing.  However as soon as I pressed the try me button on the micro-fin Rowan jumped up and excitedly came to see what I had.  Erin was hot on his heals.  

Initially I thought taking the fin-tastic guitar and rocking micro-fin would be a bit of a nightmare to take out of the packaging as I had seen a tie around one of them.  I needn’t have worried because once I had opened up the backs of the packaging I saw that the horrible plastic ties that have previously been used had been replaced by thick twine and cardboard strips making it so much easier and quicker to get your toys out of the packaging and ready to play with.  

Rowan couldn’t wait to get his hands on the Fin-tastic guitar and wasted no time in working out how to use it and dancing along to the music.  I pointed out that there were three of the Bubble Guppies on the guitar and prompted him to find out what happened if he pressed each one in turn.   He discovered that by pressing one of the characters that they overlaid the character phrases over the music.  It means that you can alter the songs and create your own versions.  

Erin quickly grabbed the Rocking Micro-fin and seemed to know what she was supposed to do with it.  It was so sweet watching her put the micro-fin to her mouth and started to sing.  Quite by chance she managed to turn on the microphone function and the look of surprise when she realised she could hear herself.  

Both of them stood watching Bubble Guppies on TV and singing along using the fin-tastic guitar and rocking micro-fin.   It was lovely to watch them doing this, every time the Bubble Guppies sang in the episode the two of them got up and joined in.  

The older two had been busy upstairs in their bedrooms but it didn’t take them long to come and investigate what the noise and laughter was about.  Typically Trystan wanted to have a go and had to be persuaded to let his younger siblings finish playing with them first before he retreated back upstairs.  

The recommended age for both the Fin-tastic guitar and Rockin’ Micro-fin is 18 months plus, Erin is only 16 months but has used both and although found the micro-fin slightly easier to use, she has enjoyed both equally.  Rowan has simply loved using the fin-tastic guitar and has favoured it.  They have both played with them daily since they arrived and have also been enjoyed by the little ones I look after.  

The Fin-tastic Guitar features:
  • 20 phrases and songs
  • strum the guitar to hear the songs
  • Press Gill, Bubble Puppy or Molly to overlay sfx and phrases into the music.
  • enables you to strum along at your own pace to the song

Retails at £19.99 and available from good toy retailers including Toys r Us and Amazon

Rockin’ Micro-fin feature:

  • over 15 songs, sounds and phrases
  • the microphones fin flips back and forth

Retails at  £14.99 and is also available from retailers including Toys r Us and Amazon

Both Rowan and Erin have given these Bubble Guppies toys a massive Fins up and I’m sure they will continue to enjoy them. 

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