Tips, tricks and treats for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s definitely time to start preparing! While this holiday tends to make children jump for joy and parents cringe, there are plenty of ways to make it fun for the whole family. Here are some tips on how to make Halloween fun for everyone.
Never Underestimate the Power of Structured Activities
If your kids get easily wound up when they have sugar, then give them opportunities to focus all of that extra energy. Kids like to have structure, so a few supervised activities that require focus and light concentration. For example, you can all carve pumpkins together, make Halloween cookies, or decorate the house with decorations you all made as a group. You can even have a Halloween party and your children can work together with their friends to do these things, so everyone can keep each other entertained and use up their sugar-infused energy.
Unleash Your Creative Side and Make Some Costumes
You can also help the kids design and assemble their own costumes. Have them submit a preliminary drawing of the costumes they would like, and then help them put them together, either from old clothes or assemble a selection of fabric with a sewing machine. Alternatively, if you don’t like to sew, you can find online Halloween costumes for children, and you can browse the selections with your kids.
Try to Mix in Some Healthy Things
Since this season tends to produce an excess of candy and unhealthy sugary things, try to creatively insert a few healthy things to offset all of the junk. For example, you can try serving Halloween cookies made with whole-wheat flour, or caramel apples instead plain caramels. While most kids will turn their noses up at truly healthy things, there’s no harm in sneaking a few healthy accents into their treats.
Set Boundaries Early On
Finally, kids tend to respond better when the rules are stated beforehand. In the days leading up to Halloween, try to set and clarify boundaries so that your children know what to expect. Set limits on how much candy they are allowed to eat in one sitting, and at what time. For example, you could require that everyone has to eat dinner before raiding the candy dish. But if you establish this rule before the candy dish is overflowing with treats, then kids are more likely to obey. You should also do your best to encourage your kids to get enough sleep in the days leaving up to Halloween, so they’re not sleep-deprived while also high on sugar.
What are some other ways to make Halloween fun for kids and parents alike? Sound off in the comments below!
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