Children’s Party ideas for animal lovers

Do your children love a trip to the farm, zoo and other animal-filled adventure parks? If so, an animal themed birthday party should be on the agenda. From fun games to creative foods and decorations, kids will adore every aspect of an animal-inspired party.
At a birthday party it is important to have a main feature. Are the children going to watch films or play games? Dress-up or make creative crafts? These are all questions that need to be considered.
With an animal theme, the list of possible entertainment options is endless. Depending on your budget, you could splash out on a mobile petting zoo. Children will be in awe of the animals that have been brought out to your very own home (or perhaps your garden)! Watch them learn and enjoy hands-on experiences with rare and unusual animals.
Balloon animals are always a winner; children never get bored of the cool and creative balloon sculpture. Kids will be queuing up with requests of dogs, giraffes, elephants and whatever else their little animal-loving minds can come up with. Hire a balloon artist for your child’s party – they won’t be disappointed.
Stock up on films that feature animals. The Lion King, 101 Dalmations and The Aristocats are a few classics that children will most definitely love. Accompany these films with a few animal themed goodies: Cadbury’s Animals (animal shaped biscuits covered in milk chocolate) are an appropriately appetising snack!
Animal charades are a ‘must’ for any animal-loving child. As the host, you should start the game by choosing an animal to re-enact. The first child to guess what animal is being demonstrated gets to pick the next contestant. Watch your children roar, hiss and squawk until they end up in stitches from laughing so hard! Children will love playing this fun party game.
Adapted from the classic party game, pin the tail on the donkey, why not try pinning the tail on the giraffe? Or lion? – Any animal you like! Kids will love the novelty of being blindfolded!
Inspired by the children’s book by Mem Fox, this culinary creation is sure to impress the little ones. This cute creature is made up of grapes, sultanas, cherry tomatoes and cream cheese. Assemble the grapes in a wiggly pattern to form the body, pop some sultanas underneath for the legs and add the cherry tomato at one end for the head! Decorate with blobs of cream cheese to form eyes. There you have it – the hungry caterpillar in food form!
Pretzel butterflies are delicious sweet snacks for kids. Press two pretzels (the wings) into the sides of a caramel square to form the body, then place two very small straight pretzels into the top of the square to form antennae; delightful!
Purchase paper plates, cups and napkins with a design of your choice; zoo and jungle themed supplies are extremely popular for animal parties.
Opt for a birthday cake that features animals. Choose a plain birthday cake and decorate with animal toppers or select an animal-shaped cake. Fancy going all out? Why not personalise a cake with a photo? Do you have a Kodak moment of the whole family at an animal adventure park? Transfer it to your child’s birthday cake to add that extra special touch.
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