Maximise a confined space with compact bedroom furniture

Living in a confined space can really limit furniture options, but with designers constantly creating compact furniture, small spaces can still look classy.
When kitting out a small room it can be difficult to keep it clutter-free. Compact chic can be achieved with furniture and storage solutions such as built-in sliding wardrobes, wall-mounted televisions and bunk beds; with so many modern options, small, stylish rooms are becoming effortlessly simple to create.
Compact Beds
Whilst it may be tempting to invest in a luxurious king-size, if the dimensions of your room are not sufficiently generous then it’s simply just not practical. A large bed in a small room will leave little space for much else; optimise space with pull down beds, wall beds and sofa beds.
Typically associated with children’s bedrooms due to their design (children love the idea of climbing in to bed via a ladder), bunk beds are in actual fact a useful space saving tool for adults too. Okay, maybe not so much in family homes, but in flat shares and small dorms, bunk beds can provide an innovative solution to making the most of the available space.
However, it is children who are the ultimate bunk bed lovers. Whilst the bottom bunk provides a fun place to hide and play, the top bunk offers a restful night’s sleep away from the distractions of their bedroom. The sleepover is an essential element of any child’s formative years. Compact bunk beds ensure plenty of space for a friend or a sibling, as well as extra room to stowaway all those toys and games.
The right storage can be a major space saver. Rather than books and toys being strewn across the floor or heaped in the corner, tidy them away and make the most of your available space.
Storage boxes are a great idea as they can easily slide out of sight and out of mind under a bed; however, storage boxes are now available in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you may wish to display the more decorative storage boxes somewhere in the room – why hide candy pink and powder blue boxes when they can be stacked up and made to look pretty? Storage boxes are a must for clutter free bedrooms.
Another effective way to store children’s clobber is with a storage unit. Whether you a need four cube unit or a six cube unit will depend on the amount of jumble that needs to be stored. Colourful or traditional, these units can add character to a child’s room whilst keeping the room clutter free. Invest in a stunning storage unit and kiss goodbye to your untidy mess.
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