Heating your home over the colder months

With the colder weather drawing closer its time to think about keeping warm. Keeping the house warm is not always an easy task. As a childminder I have to ensure the house is at a certain temperature throughout the year. During the winter months this often means turning up the heating.
We currently have a gas fire however with gas prices rising year on year it isn’t really an economical option any more. So we have started exploring the options available, one of them being changing our gas fire for an electric one. Electric fires are ideal as they do not cost as much as gas ones to use. The maintenance of electric fires is also easier, you don’t need to worry about leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. Although I would still use a fire guard around one especially if you have young children in your home.
I’ve been searching on line and honestly can’t get over how many different styles of electric fires are available. There’s ones that are very traditional and have a coal effect, like this Apex Virtual Flame Traditional fire I love the traditional look
Or I have found this other traditional fire without the hood on it. This is a Burley Halstead fire.
Dad of 3 is torn between the traditional looking fires and the more modern ones that can be fitted into a wall so no need for a hearth or mantelpiece. I found this Bemodern Athena Led 4 sided fire I actually like the idea of the Led lights with this one which add to the fire effect. 
Then of course with electric fires you also have the option of having a portable electric heater which means you can move it from room to room and heat as required. We had one a few years back but we unfortunately left it in our old attic when we moved a few years back, it has to be one of those things that we were cross with ourselves for doing. But is certainly an option for us again. I think we really need to decide what we are going to do with the area our current gas fire is in and then we can seriously look at which design of electric fire would suit. Are you a fan of the traditional style or the modern style?
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1 thought on “Heating your home over the colder months

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    We have a gas fire which looks lovely but we’ve never used it in the two and bit years we’ve lived here….lol The only time it’s been switched on is when the gas man comes and does the yearly check….

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