Review :Wooden Ramp Racer from EverEarth at Dillons Toybox

We were recently sent a Ramp Racer from EverEarth by Dillons Toybox.  When it arrived I was really impressed with the packaging.  There were no fiddly ties to undo and the box is recyclable.  I also like the fact that there was no plastic window over the ramp racer so you could touch it while still in the box, something that Erin and Rowan like to do I have noticed lately. 
In the box you will  find  four brightly coloured little cars and a sloping ramp racer.  

Erin was having a nap when the package arrived so I waited for her to wake up before opening the box.  Initially she wasn’t too sure about the ramp racer until I showed her what to do.  Within a few minutes she was sending the little cars down the ramp over and over again and giggling.  
I expected the ramp racer to be a big hit with the little boy I look after as he loves cars and wheels but hadn’t expected my older three to play with it much.  How wrong was I! when they got home from school Rowan spotted it and quickly worked out what to do.  So we had a little game going on with Rowan, Erin and my minded child taking it in turns to send the cars down the ramp.  Not one to be left out Trystan had to join in too and took charge of who’s turn it was. 
The ramp racer is perfect for hand-eye coordination and the children all loved the click clack noise the cars made when racing down the ramp.  It has provided hours of fun since arriving and is a great addition to our car toys. 
I like that fact that the ramp racer is made from sustainstable wood which is sourced from a replanted forest.  I also like the fact that the children have all used the ramp racer independently as well as together.  It has helped encourage turn taking and sharing too.  
The ramp racer is suitable from 18 months plus and measures 28 Cm’s by 25cm by 10cm.  It’s the perfect size for toddlers to use on the floor or on a low level table making it easy for them to use.  It size also makes it so easy to store as it does not take up a great deal of space. The Ramp Racer costs £19.95.  For more information on the Ramp Racer or to buy your own please visit Dillons Toybox
Disclaimer:  We were sent the Ramp Racer for the purpose of this review however the contents of the review is 100% my own thoughts and feelings. 

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