How to be a skin Goddess in 2014

Is your skin looking a little haggard? Are cleansing and toning foreign words? Ditch the face wipes and become a skin goddess in 2014 by following this simple guide to healthy, glowing skin.
Unclog Pores, Exfoliate Weekly
It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Exfoliation removes the outer layer dead skin cells which alleviates dry and rough skin leading to unclogged pores, smoother skin and reduced acne outbreaks.
Budget: St Ives – Apricot Scrub Blemish
Splurge: Origins – Modern Friction
Cleanse & Tone
The long term benefits of cleansing and toning are undeniable, cleansing removes excess oil and skin impurities while toning removes remaining oil, dirt and debris residue which the cleanser may not have picked up on. Cleansing and toning should be carried out at least once a day, if not twice, for optimum results.
Budget Cleanser: No7 – Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser
Splurge Cleanser: Origins – Checks and Balances
Budget Toner: The Body Shop – Tea Tree Facial Toner
Splurge Toner: Clarins – Toning Lotion Alcohol-Free with Camomile
Invest in a High Quality Cleansing Brush
At the end of a hectic day it can be tempting to go to bed without removing make-up, your skin is said to age by up to 3 days in these instances. Make-up wipes are a quick make-up removal solution, but they’re also expensive and packed full of nasty chemicals which are unkind to skin. Be kind to your skin instead by opting for a facial cleansing brush.
The Shiseido cleansing massage brush is an investment purchase well worth parting with your hard earned pennies for- it enhances the benefits of foaming cleaners as the soft bristles allow deep cleansing and exfoliation to take place. Longevity wise, cleansing facial brushes are known to last for up to a decade and play a crucial role in unclogging pores and impurities.
Cut the Crap from your Diet
Processed food really has no place in the skin goddess plan, if your idea of cooking equates to piercing the lid of a ready meal and throwing it in the microwave for 10 minutes, it’s time for some life changes. Think you’re too busy to cook? Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver have both published time-saving recipe books centred on wholesome cooking in a hurry. Clean food equals clean skin.
Stay hydrated too, drink as much water as you can physically gulp down. 2.2 litres (9 glasses) is the recommended intake by The Institute of Medicine.
Skin Rejuvenation
If you’re eager to remove existing facial skin damage whether this be via wrinkle and sun damage reductions or perhaps acne scar removal, collagen induction therapy could be the best solution. Treatment usually involves a series of needles penetrating the skin at a perpendicular angle which leads to fast healing and skin rejuvenation.
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