Boys and their toys – why mine are getting a Playstation 4

One thing I have come to realise is that when you have sons one thing you can not avoid is video games!  Dad of 3 has always been into gaming and as the boys have become older they have very much started to enjoy the gaming world too.  I never really have been into gaming although recently with the introduction of Skylanders I am guilty of the odd sneaky game.    
Dad of 3 has always been an Xbox 360 gamer but with the release of the PlayStation 4 (PS4 )his allegiance has changed and he is raring to buy a new PS4 console on payday as he has been saving hard for one.   Some of the things that dad of 3 is excited about apart from the vastly improved graphics and multiplayer capabilities this new console is the instant game collection, as you are required to have a PlayStation Plus account you get several free games.  You can also back up your saved games online. 

Apart from being a Bluray player you can also purchase movies and games from the PlayStation store.  You can use apps including Netflix, Lovefilm, BBCiplayer.  You can also listen to your favourite music.  You also have the facility to access your PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation app which is available on google play store and Apple App StoreThe PlayStation app enables you to manage your game downloads, check your friends activity and control your PS4 remotely.  
As dad of 3 enjoys multiplayer games one of the things he needs is a good headset.  The PS4 comes with its own headset however dad of 3 has been looking hard at the Gioteck headsets, as they do a range of accessories including controllers,chargers and gaming chairs for the PS4 and other consoles.     Although dad of 3 will have to use the PS4 headsets that come with the console, when he has the money he may splash out.  I am keen for him to have one of the stereo headsets as he can than turn the sound off on the TV.  I like dad of 3 using headsets when playing games as it limits the amount of noise from the game myself and the children hear.  Using a headset also enables him to talk to the other players without being in the same room.  Dad of 3 also finds using a headset when playing helps him concentrate on the game without distraction.  Dad of 3 has already said he likes the look of the EX3-R headset as it reminds him of one he has used on the Xbox.

Gioteck EX3-R
Although dad of 3 will be playing the adult rated games when the children are in bed, there are quite a few quite a few exclusives that myself and the boys like the look off, namely Knack and the Playroom.  The boys also like the look of LEGO Marvel Superheros that has exclusive content on the PS4.  

So this next week will see building excitement for dad of 3 and the boys as the countdown until they can go and buy their very own PlayStation 4 is underway.  

This is a sponsored post however the content is 100% my own thoughts and feelings. 

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