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Back in October Erin was very kindly sent a My first Baby Annabell doll by Argos. I’m not sure who was more excited about this to be honest. She has had a few soft rag dolls but this would be her first proper doll and after having three boys I found it so exciting, I couldn’t wait to see her reaction.
When I unwrapped the packaging for Erin she initially just stood there and starred at the doll within the box so I continued to open the box. I was pleased to find that the fixings securing the doll into the box were very easy to undo and there was only two. One of my pet hates its the tags used for securing toys etc in packaging, sometimes they can be so fiddly to undo and often so many unnecessary ones. I decided to leave the doll in the box once I had removed the tags and let Erin take her out herself.
After about five minutes Erin ventured over to the box again and started pointing to the doll. She seemed a bit unsure of what to do so I picked Baby Annabell up and held her like a baby and told Erin she was for her. As soon as I said this Erin couldn’t get hold of her quick enough. She took her out into the hall away from her brothers to have a better look. I had to stop Rowan following her and explained that he needed to let her look at Baby Annabell first. I watched her from the playroom to see what she was doing. The look of amazement on her face when she realised Baby Annabell’s eyes opened and closed on when she was laying down and then sat upright again was priceless. She kept pointing at her own eyes then at Baby Annabell’s. I reassured her that yes they both had eyes! From that moment on she started chatting away and went to introduce her Baby Annabell to her brothers. When dad of 3 arrived home that evening he was also introduced to Baby Annabell by a very proud Erin.
We quickly realised that Erin did not like Baby Annabell’s hat coming off which it can do quite easily, it’s not a problem as it can easily be put back on again. But Erin kept taking it off! That night Erin took Baby Annabell to bed and tucked her up in bed with her and her teddies. The next day Baby Annabell had to come on the school run with us, in fact she was taken every where with us! I got Erin a few Baby Annabell accessories, a doll car seat and baby bouncer which she was so pleased with and she quickly started using. Baby Annabell has become a favourite doll for Erin and she is played with throughout the week both by herself and on occasion Erin will let her friend play with her.
The my first Baby Annabell doll is a soft bodied and has lovely blue painted eyes that open and close. Her soft body is perfect for young children and makes an ideal first doll, perfect for little hands and lots of cuddles.
Baby Annabell doll is available at Argos online here

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  1. Ahh bless her, i remember my baby Annabelle, it was the first one the released where you feed them the bottle and they cry etc. I loved her so much and took her everywhere with me. I still have her in the loft .. tucked up in her carrier to this day! There is no way my parents will get the chance to throw her out! very fond memories 🙂 x

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