Shopping for home essentials

In the last week or two dad of 3 has started talking about replacing the TV. Our current one is almost ten years old and while it does the job it is getting harder to use it with Freeview/sky boxes due to the connections at the back of the set. Yes I know there is a technical term for them but I know you know what I mean!
Anyway we have been browsing various websites and there is just so much choice. Dad of 3 is very keen to have an LCD screen again but would love to have a much bigger screen. I’m not to sure that a bigger screen is the way forward to be honest with you but I know that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to TV’s/computers etc. There are some fantastic offers on TV’s around at the moment too, I came across these cheap lcd tv and think this Panasonic 50” HD plasma tv would be up dad of 3’s street.
T J Hughes also currently have £100 off the original price, now that seems a good deal to me. I personally like the idea of having a built in DVD player with Freeview. It would mean we wouldn’t need to have lots of items in the TV unit any more and that has to be a good thing although I might have a job persuading dad of 3 it would be a good idea, I think he was his heart set on the bigger screen.
Another home essential, well for me anyway is having a children’s easel, it’s something that has been really useful over the years both for my own children and for the children I look after. But my current one has broken and doesn’t look fixable sadly so its time to buy a new one. Childrens easels are so handy  to have and don’t have to be expensive. Not only have we used our old one for the usual painting/drawing/chalk board but it has come in handy for den building and using to make all sorts of imaginary things from rockets to boats. Dad of 3 thinks I should just use the table for arts and crafts now but to me an easel is easy to store and will have so much use. While looking at TV’s I came across this lovely wooden Easel I love the fact it is a traditional style and the fact it’s wooden is a bonus.
 It looks very sturdy too so it would withstand the amount of use it would have. An added bonus is the storage underneath, perfect for paint pots and brushes. An easel for me also has to be easy to store which this one does too. It is also a very good price for a wooden easel so once pay day arrives I will be ordering one.
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