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The last couple of weeks has seen me starting my annual hunt for car insurance.  It’s one of those tasks that I wish I didn’t have to do but with living in a rural area and also having a young family driving is a necessity. 
Finding the right car insurance for you is important though so you should take your time looking around at what is available.  I’ve learnt that starting the search a month before you need it is a good idea, as your not as rushed or panicking that your current insurance is about to run out.   I always start by using a comparison website to help narrow down the field.  It also enables me to select added products such as breakdown cover if I require it.  Once I have done this I spend some time looking through the various companies that have been brought up on the comparison search and the benefits each has.  I also spend some time discussing it with dad of 3!.  
This time around I have realised that I haven’t travelled as far as I had estimated to my insurance company.  Little things like that can increase your insurance premium, although I will lower my estimated mileage for this year I will not lower it too much just in case an unexpected journey or two arises.  I need business cover on my insurance too as I transport children as part of my work, again this can increase your premium however I luckily have found in the last year or two that it’s only by a nominal amount compared to 12 years ago when I first needed it.  I also like to have breakdown assistance included in my policy again due to usually having young children in the car with me and living where we do.  I find making a list of what you need from your policy is a great help and helps you stay focused on the task in hand.  It also gives you some prompts when talking directly to companies.  This is something I always try to do just to double check the policy they are offering is the right one for me.  

There are companies out there that can offer specific insurance polices such as multicar household policies, companies who specialise in policies for drivers over the age of 50 years,ones for female drivers and even companies that specialise in classic car insurance like Footman James Classic Car Insurance.There are even companies that will insure new drivers.  

If looking for car insurance is something that you feel you need help with then you can use insurance brokers who will doing the searching on your behalf and can help explain anything your unsure about.  When I first embarked on owning my own car I used a broker to help find my insurance but for the last six years I have searched for myself as I feel more confident about what I need from a car insurance policy.  So choosing car insurance really doesn’t have to be daunting.

This post was brought to you by Footman James Classic Car Insurance however the content of this post is 100% my own.  

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    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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