Birthday Party planning.

As the children are getting older they are asking more and more for something different for their birthdays.  With all the children having birthdays within the first half of the year it’s time to get our thinking caps on.  We’ve had parties in soft play centres, leisure centres and even in farm park so it’s time to think of something different.  

It got me thinking back to parties I had when I was younger.  One birthday we had a cowboy and Indian party and my parents had wanted posters made up and put up around the house and garden.  It was one of the best parties we had and one I still remember well now twenty plus years on.  So with this in mind I’ve been talking with dad of 3 about having a similar party for Rowan.  As his birthday is not until July it will give us some time to really plan the party and ensure we have everything we need.  

I’ve been looking into printing companies as I love the idea of making posters in the chosen theme and having them displayed around the area we will be using.  I cam across this company called Pixel 2 Print   where you can get A3 size posters printed as well as a variety other other sizes.   At the moment all the boys are very much into astronomy and I love the idea of having posters of planets, rockets, astronauts etc made up.  Rowan is still keen to have a bouncy castle, the one at the local swimming pool is actually space themed so it would work really well. I’m sure we would be able to put the posters up around the room.  I could also find some space themed tableware and ask guests to dress up in line with the space theme.  Is it wrong that I’m getting excited already?!

The possibilities for parties is endless when you are able to plan ahead and with four children that’s something I really have to get into the habit of doing for their parties.   

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