Finding the right Baby equipment for you

Finding the right baby equipment for you is so important.  The pram or pushchair you buy needs to suit both your needs and that of your baby as well.  It also needs to fit into your daily life, if you use public transport a lot or have your own car you will need a pushchair or pram that is easy to use in these situations, fits into your car easily and also can be stored easily at home.  Being able to see a product in person will really help you work out if it is the right one for you.  So while researching products online can be valuable being able to see it in person can be essential, especially if you are buying for your first child.

So knowing that you have a local store who stock a wide variety of brands and products is invaluable.  Some where you can go and try out products and compare them to others available can be invaluable.  I know when I was expecting my eldest I found being able to visit my local baby shop to browse the pushchairs and baby toys.  I also found that I was able to talk to the staff in the shop about the products which helped with making choices.  The staff were so knowledgeable and helpful and even were able to order items in if they didn’t stock them for me.  I also felt under no pressure to buy items and was always made to feel welcome.  
My Crib Rocks is a contemporary baby shop in Liverpool which offers such services.  They stock a wide range of pushchairs and prams as well as nursery furniture and accessories such as cot mobiles and bedding bales.  They have in store demonstrations and are always happy to help.  They are open six days a week too ensuring that they are open when you need them.  They are also currently working on a brand new website which will mean you can browse their products before you visit the store.  It is well worth a look, they have some fantastic products available and your sure to find the right baby equipment for you.  

This post is brought to you by My Crib Rocks but the content of this post is 100% my own.

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