Project 365 – week 7

We’ve had yet another wet and windy week, the wind has reached new heights this week with some scary gales hitting us on Wednesday and again last night.  The weather seems relentless at present and we’ve not been able to get out and about as much as we would like, cabin fever is setting in!  Here is our week in pictures.  
Sunday 9th February – Kitty is in to everything, she has so much fun with the children at the momentThis afternoon while I was having a cup of tea and catching up with the local news I noticed Kitty going into Erin’s dolls house via the front door and quickly managed to capture this photograph.  Shortly after I took it Rowan spotted her and went to open the front up to get her out.  
Monday 10th February – After the afternoon school run I took the opportunity to do a spot of baking to use up a load of eggs we had and also to stop dad of 3 nagging me to bake!  So I made a dozen white choc chip cupcakes, a dozen milk choc chip cupcakes, brownies and triple chocolate loaf.  Needless to say they were all eaten within two days!

Tuesday 11th February – A busy week with three family members birthdays, another next week meant it was time to write some cards for posting.  

Wednesday 12th February – Erin is Hello Kitty Mad!  I managed to find her this lovely warm hat in the sales online this week and it arrived on Wednesday.  She spent all evening walking around warning it.

Thursday 13th February – The last few days we have been doing Valentines Day crafts, potato printing, stained glass window and cutting and sticking.  These are some of our finished crafts undertaken by Erin and my minded children.  

Friday 14th February – Dad of 3 came home from work this evening with a parcel from Next, containing items he had ordered in their online sale.  Erin was thrilled with her new gillet and wouldn’t take it of.  So it seems we had a bear cub for the evening!  She even insisted on paying a visit to her granny and dadcu to show them.  

Saturday 15th February – After several days of torrential rain and gales, this afternoon the sun came out which meant the chickens were able to stretch their legs in the garden.  It was lovely to see them enjoying the little bit of sun and I’ve even managed to get washing on the line for the first time this year.

I’m sure I am not alone in hoping we’ve seen the last of the bad weather.  I know some of you are now officially on half term, we’ve another week until ours but I hope you have fun what ever your doing.  

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 – week 7

  1. Ooooh the cakes, I do similar thinking they’ll last the week and they’re soon gone! Hope the winds have dropped now.

  2. Kate Fever says:

    The baking looks amazing, and I did have a little giggle at the cat in the dolls house lol. #project365

  3. Amanda Walsh says:

    Hoping the weather clears off soon! Loving the funky hello kitty hat #project365

  4. Broody Me says:

    Aw the cat in the doll’s house, so sweet!

  5. Aww Kitty in the doll house, I love it!

  6. Emma Wright says:

    Cake looks lovely. great to get outside x

  7. I absolutely adore the photo of kitty hiding in the house…. extra safety from the storm?? lol

  8. Mmmm the cakes look yummy!

  9. Susan Mann says:

    What a great week. Love the picture of the car peeking through. Erin is getting so big and so cute x

  10. HPMcQ says:

    happy birthday to everyone! i have a week in april where there are birthdays every day for a solid week! eeeeekkk

  11. Menai says:

    Lovely snuggly week – with sunshine for the chucks to end it wonderfully – we long for chickens one day! Adore the cat in the house – very Alice in Wonderland and as for those hats /gilet – wow!

  12. Jaime Oliver says:

    lol lol the cat in the dolls house is super!! and i am loving the look of those cakes x

  13. Nikki Thomas says:

    Love the photo of the kitten in the dolls house, so sweet. A has a Hello Kitty house like Erin’s, she loves hers too

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