Staying Safe in bad weather

It seems that there is no escape from the weather lately.  Since Christmas parts of the UK have suffered gales and flooding which seems relentless.  Luckily my own home hasn’t been effected by flooding, although the torrential rain does lead to a pond forming on our drive!  However I am grateful that this and the children’s playhouse been blown across the back garden is the extent of the damage we have suffered.  
Sadly the same can not be said for others locally.  Homes located in the lower part of the town along the course of the river have suffered flooding.  Along with these the local Scout hut has been flooded several times since the New Year.  Our eldest two attend Cubs and in November I made the decision to start helping out at meetings.  I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it has been to see the Scout Hut being flooded recently, for a lot of young people this is the only place they have to go.  The community spirit that has developed as a result of the flooding locally has been heartwarming though and the practical support has been fantastic and means we can open our doors again for the young people.  However there are those who are less fortunate and have been severely effected by the floods in other areas and no let up is in sight.
When the first storm hit in the New Year I watched with horror at footage of people risking their own lives and those of those just to catch a glimpse of the sea in the midst of the storm.  These people should know better, the sea can be a dangerous place at the best of times, yet in storms like we’ve been experiencing are so much worse.  Police and the environment agencies were issuing warnings to stay away from coastal areas during the storms yet for some unknown reason a few decided to ignore these warnings.  Warnings like these are issued for a reason and that is for peoples safety.   
Staying safe is so important during weather like we’ve been experiencing and while the weather can vary from locality to locality it is always best to listen to warnings put in place.  If not to safeguard yourself but also others.  Of course there are instances that accidents happen that are no fault of your own, a tile been blown from a roof hitting you, a tree falling on your car for instance.  Yesterdays gales proved this, locally our high street was closed and remained closed this morning due to debris that had been blown from homes and shops which meant the area was unsafe.  On the news last night it was reported that a man in Cardiff was hit by a street sign that was damaged in the gales.  
There are things that you can do to stay safe during bad weather.  Listen to your local radio station, they will provide up to date weather warnings and traffic information.  Follow your local council on twitter and/or Facebook for up to date information.  Local Police Authorities will also issue up to date information.  So what can you do if you are hurt/injured?  If you are travelling in your car at the time and are involved in an accident with another vehicle, make sure you exchange insurance details so that you can make a claim for the damage to your vehicle.  If you are hit by debris falling from a house or shop, speak to the owners and your local council for advice.  Some people have personal insurance policies which covers them for accidental injury, if you have such a policy contact them to discuss what has happened.  Organisations like Citizens Advice can also supply help in these circumstances or you may wish to pursue a claim through an independent company who can help you seek compensation for your injuries.  Companies like Leoclaims personal injury  can help give you advice and offer a no win no fee service.    
With the weather continuing to look unsettled over the next few weeks, please listen to any warnings that are issued in your weather and stay safe.  
This post was brought to you by Leoclaims personal injury however the content of the post is 100% my own thoughts, words and feelings. 

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