Project 365 – Week 18

This week saw the boys heading back to school to start the Summer term.  You would think the house would be quieter without them but it wasn’t!  I’ve managed to do more sorting out though will the younger children have napped and got on top of the house work on… Read more“Project 365 – Week 18”

Staying Safe in bad weather

It seems that there is no escape from the weather lately.  Since Christmas parts of the UK have suffered gales and flooding which seems relentless.  Luckily my own home hasn’t been effected by flooding, although the torrential rain does lead to a pond forming on our drive!  However I am… Read more“Staying Safe in bad weather”

Finding the perfect luggage for children

This last year the older two boys have been thoroughly enjoying being members of the local Beavers and Cubs. With this has come camps and day trips. This has meant we have had to look for suitable luggage for them to take with them. Up until now we have usually… Read more“Finding the perfect luggage for children”