Project 365 – Week 12

This week has flown by, I’ve spent much of it making a start on catching up with blog posts and the usual running around after the children along with work.  I’m also really proud to have managed to get to week 12 of project 365, it’s a lot further than I managed last year and it’s made me more determined to complete it this year.  
So here is our week:
Sunday 16th March 

This morning we went out to explore a new beach and also a nearby burial chamber. You can read about our morning here Taking the opportunity to have a play around with photographs at the two locations was fun but trying to get a picture of all four children together wasn’t quite as easy as they wouldn’t stay still for long enough!

Monday 17th March –

Today was St Patricks Day and it was one of those Mondays! you know the ones when nothing goes to plan and you accomplish next to nothing!  Taking five minutes out to watch the sunset from the garden though was a welcome break and helped bring a close to the day. 

Tuesday 18th March –

This evening after dinner I brought out a surprise for Trystan, a remote controlled illuminated moon.  I had won it on Twitter over the weekend and it arrived this morning.  Trystan is really into astronomy at the moment and with the bedtime issues we still have we thought this may help.  Trystan was thrilled and asked his dad to help set it up for him.  While they were upstairs putting it up Kitty took the opportunity to quite literally squeeze into the box!  I have no idea how she managed to get out as it’s quite a narrow box, but ten minutes after squeezing into it she emerged again!  daft cat!

Wednesday 19th March –

This morning after the school run we popped to Tesco for some bread, when we returned I set about getting things ready for the day before my minded child arrived.  While I tied the breakfast things away Erin decided to turn one of the wash baskets into a den and got comfortable in it!  She didn’t want to get out again either.

Thursday 20th March –

Thursday is Cubs and tonight I was helping out again.  I help out once a fortnight at present and have great fun at the meetings.  It’s also nice to have some time away from Erin as we literally are always together!  I used to be a guider when I was younger and I’m thoroughly enjoying being involved with scouting.  The older two are cubs and it’s also nice to watch them interacting with other children and enjoying scouting too.  

Friday 21st March – 

For my birthday last year my parents paid for me to have a manicure, that was in September and this morning I finally got around to going for it!  I took Erin with me too, it was her first time to the salon and she was so well behaved and was really interested in what was happening.  She even fell asleep on my lap for ten minutes while I waited for the nail polish to dry.  

Saturday 22nd March –

Tonight’s tea, BBQ spare ribs from our local butcher and chips followed by home made chocolate steamed pudding.  It was my first attempt at a proper steamed pudding and it was delicious.  

How’s your week been?

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 12

  1. Leanne Rain says:

    I love the variety of photos you’ve got!… The sky looks beautiful and I love the colour nail varnish on your nails! 🙂 #Project365

  2. Having a manicure sounds like a dream as does the steamed pudding 🙂

  3. Nikki Thomas says:

    Lovely photos, I’m impressed that you managed a photo with all of your children together, I can not do that with mine at all

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    i love that shot of the Erin in the wash basket!! how cute 😉 x

  5. The photo of Erin is adorable 🙂 #Project 365 x

  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    Lovely colour on the manicure, good for parents for treating us!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  7. That burial chamber looks interesting and what is about small kid and cats squeezing themselves into odd places!

  8. bbq ribs look lovely. Haven’t had ribs for a long time

  9. Cathy says:

    I love the burial chamber photo, we have some stones like that near where I live, them ribs do look good x

  10. Ellie BW says:

    Mine love sitting in the baskets as well, I enjoy watching them trying to get out! 🙂

  11. Those ribs look rather yum! how cute is she in that basket 🙂

  12. Joanne Blunt says:

    Erin in the wash basket is so cute. My youngest always does that too.

  13. Beautiful photos xx

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