Mother’s Day Crafts with Baker Ross

It’s no secret that we love crafts here so when Baker Ross invited us to join their blogger network I was thrilled.  A couple of weeks later we received a box full of lovely craft items for us to use.  
The last few weeks have passed so quickly with one thing and another and yesterday I suddenly realised next Sunday is Mother’s Day.  So this morning after breakfast I decided it was time to get out the Baker Ross goodies and get the boys to have a go at making some cards and items for Mother’s Day.  
The older two quickly spotted the Heart Mosaics Kit and set to work.  While they were occupied Rowan spotted the pack of flower petals and asked if he could make a flower so I set about helping him.  Using a green pipe cleaner we carefully pushed one petal on to the end at a time.  Rowan decided he wanted four petals on his flower.  The ends of the pipe cleaner are sharp so I would suggest an adult helping with this part if a younger child is making the flower.  I quickly realised that the sharp end would still be exposed so had a look to see what I could use to cover the end and would also stop the petals fallen off.  Looking at the other items we had been sent I decided to try using a alphabet craft bead. I carefully put a drop of pva glue over one for the holes in the hope it would secure the bead to the end of the pipe cleaner and carefully pushed it over the end.  Then I carefully bent the other end of the pipe cleaner to form a leaf and set to one side to dry.  You could make several flowers this way and make a vase for them to go in.  Rowan was keen to get on with something else while the flower dried and said he would make more later!
Erin wondered over to the table to see what her brothers were up to and wanting to join in grabbed a pencil.  Not wanting to discourage her I drew around her hands on two of the coloured doilies  and then cut them out.  By this time the older two had finished their heart coasters and came to show me, I think they look lovely, what do you think? The boys want to give one to their Grannyy and one to their Grandma next week, I think they’ll love them. 

I needed to think of something to do with the hand prints I had cut out and after some thought decided to use them to make a simple card.  Using a piece of yellow card from the coloured card we had been sent I folded it over and helped Erin glue her hand prints into place.  Trystan then suggested we use some of the craft beads to write ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on the card.  So he set about carefully gluing the beads into place using pva glue.  When finished we set it to one side to dry.  When we looked at the card ten minutes later we realised that the hand prints looked like they were spelling out the letter ‘m’ and Trystan decided the card needed no further decoration. 
Luc wanted to make a card too and decided to colour in one of the pop up cards Watching him concentrating on colouring in the card was nice, more often than not the boys are running around so it’s really nice to do something that enables them to sit quietly and concentrate. 
So after an hour of making things this is what we have 
Baker Ross has lots of ideas for Mother’s Day crafts at extremely reasonable prices, you can see their range here and there is still time to get things in time for you to do some crafting of your own for Mother’s Day.
We’ve still some craft bits to try out from the box so will be getting crafty with them over the next week or two so keep your eyes peeled to see what we come up with. 
Disclaimer – We were sent the craft items from Baker Ross for the purpose of this post however as always the content is 100% my own. 

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