Finding the perfect luggage for children

This last year the older two boys have been thoroughly enjoying being members of the local Beavers and Cubs. With this has come camps and day trips. This has meant we have had to look for suitable luggage for them to take with them. Up until now we have usually gone away for any length of time as a family so have used our large suitcases or holdalls but they are just far too big for what the boys need.
So with this in mind dad of 3 and myself have been looking at various options. Ideally we would like to find something that will last and the boys are able to carry themselves. So something like a rucksack or holdall would be perfect. There are some really cute luggage available for children on the market and vary in price. I came across this company that stocks a variety of luggage suitable for everyone and has some lovely cheap children’s luggage.
I love these adorable Cuties and Pals backpack and trolley set, my favourite has to be the penguin 

Okay so probably not ideal for Cub camp but would be great for overnight trips to grandparents or family holidays. I also came across some great holdalls with wheels These would be more suitable for the boys needs. I used to take rucksacks on Guide camp but I noticed several boys with wheeled holdalls at the last Cub Camp. For practicality with the mud etc I think this Samsonite Univ-Lite 55cm/20inch duffel with wheels would be great  

I think they will still need a rucksack for hikes. I think the wheeled holdalls would give us more flexibility too. As they could be used for family holidays/nights away as well as Cub Camp.

I have shown the older two what I have found and while they like the idea of something like a Trunki they think they would not be suitable for camp and the holdalls would be far better. Trystan has gone as far as to ask for a wheeled holdall for Christmas! I wonder if Santa will bring him one.
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