Every Change Matters – Lets make one change to elliminate plastic polution with gnappies and 5 Gyres

What is the problem?

50% of plastics are produced for single-use

60,000 plastic bags are consumed in the world every second

90% of waste entering our oceans is plastic

7 out of 10 items picked up on world’s beaches are plastic

Plastics are made to last forever, but at the same time they are designed to be thrown away after single use, which causes plastic pollution in our ocean and on our beaches

50 billion plastic drink bottles are used every year

An estimated 37,000 tons of plastics are in our ocean gyres

What does gNappies have to do with plastics and its pollution?

Polypropylene and polyethylene are the two most common plastics found polluting our oceans and most “disposable” nappies on the market do contain the mentioned plastics. gNappies disposable inserts do not.

What is the partnership of gNappies and 5 Gyres about?

The gNappies and 5 Gyres collaboration is to encourage parents to eliminate unnecessary, single use plastic from our homes. With the launch of the Great White Shark gPants and Clean Water T-Shirt of gNappies, 5 Gyres will be sponsored to clean up a foot of beach for every design sold.

Who is 5 Gyres?

5 Gyres is a charity committed to ending plastic pollution.

Why are we doing this?

This is to raise awareness of single use plastic.

What gNappies are asking you to do :

gNappies would like you to make one change to eliminate single use plastic. For example, you can simply find a single use plastic item to be removed from your home (whether it is a water bottle, or a kitchen roll, or jiffy bags). Then, post a picture of this on gNappies’ Facebookwall or tweet @gNappies #ChangeMatters .

gNappies are linking up with eco charity 5 GYRES to help rid the world of single use plastic pollution with the launch of their great white gPants and clean water t-shirt and pledge to clean up a foot of beach for everyone sold
great white shark gPants £17.95 from www.gNappies.com and available at Ocado

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