Ella’s Kitchen Weeny Weaning Restuarant

On Thursday 5th June, Ella’s Kitchen will open the doors to the World’s first Baby Sensory Restaurant, Ella’s Kitchen Weeny Weaning Restaurant.   The Weeny Weaning Restaurant is especially designed to enable little ones to experience yummy new foods, tastes and textures as part of their weaning journey.  
The Weeny Weaning Restaurant will have five fun sensory areas for little diners to explore before they take their seats to tuck in.   Research carried out by Ella’s Kitchen has shown that exploring foods using all senses helps little ones to grow up to be good little eaters.   
Ella’s Kitchen Weeny Weaning Restaurant enables the little diners to get their taste buds tingling through the sensory play areas and then they will be able to choose their dinners from their very own interactive menu allowing them to experience delicious new tastes.  
On hand to answer any questions parents may have will be experts in nutrition and psychology and they will also help on your tiny taste bud journey.  
Ella’s Kitchen Weeny Weaning Journey opens in Clapham, London.  To register for a Tiny Tasting Table please contact  ellasrestaurant@mischiefpr.com with your name and contact details. 

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