Count the Kicks needs your help

Count the Kicks is a not-for profit pregnancy charity who aim to educate Mums to be about the importance of monitoring Baby’s movements.  By empowering Mums to be with knowledge they will feel confident to trust their instincts and ensure their baby arrives safely.  
Sadly a friend of mine lost her baby due to reduced movement almost eighteen months ago so I feel it’s important to raise awareness of the fantastic work Count the Kicks do.  For more information please visit
Count the Kicks are currently trying to win £2,000 of much needed funds from The Big Break 2014 who every year give you the chance to vote for you favourite good cause.  Count the Kicks are currently 1000 votes behind the lead voted charity.  So here’s where you come in.  Count the Kicks are asking that you take the couple of minutes to vote for them and help them win the £2,000.  These funds will enable them to continue their vital work of educating and empowering Mums to be. I’ve voted and you can to by following this link  
There are just four days to go until the voting ends please make your vote count.  Your help and support is very much appreciated.  

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