Project 365 – Week 22

This week has been Whitsun half term here and both dad of 3 and myself have also had the week off.  This is also the week that we have been planning for the last two months, a week to be filled with working in the garden securing an area of the garden for use by the chickens and reclaiming the rest of the garden for the children and of course the grown ups!  We spent a very lazy bank holiday weekend last weekend apart from a family meal with all my siblings.  Apart from going out to get more bread and milk we’ve not gone anywhere.  I spend most of my days running around after the children, doing school runs and going out and about so I for one have really enjoyed not having to go out this week.  The first half of the week we pottered about the house having lazy days and hoping the weather was going to be kind to us.  
Sunday 25th May 2014 –
This morning while her brother’s were tidying their bedrooms Erin took the opportunity to use Rowan’s Kurio, she looked so sweet with the headphones on.  She really enjoyed playing Angry Birds too, bursting into giggles every time she hit a piggy!
Monday 26th May 2014 –
Loom bands have arrived here over the last week, both Luc and Trystan are thoroughly enjoying making various bracelets.  It’s fascinating to watch them working away quietly.  This is one that Trystan made for me today. 
Tuesday 27th May 2014 – 
 Today has been a very noisy day here, for some reason the boys have spent the majority of the day playing games that required shouting at each other and in the process have wound Erin up and given both dad of 3 and myself headaches!   So taking the opportunity to escape for some peace I decided to do some ironing and watch Eastenders in peace.  
Wednesday 28th May 2014 – 
Today has seen the start of the hard work needed to secure an area of the garden for the chickens.  One of dad of 3’s brother’s came to help tidy the garden and help knock down the unstable boundary wall.  Then dad of 3’s mum (grandma) arrived to stay for two days to help rebuild the boundary wall.  This is the first stage of the new wall, thankfully the weather held for us.  
Thursday 29th May 2014 –
Dad of 3’s mum has been working hard laying the new wall for us, dad of 3 has been doing all the lifting and labouring work for her.  Grandma simply amazes me, at nearly 72 years old she spent hours laying this wall and did a superb job.  I spent the day ensuring cups of tea were provided at regular intervals and keeping the children out of the way.  My dad also came to fix a new garden tap so we could finally use our hosepipe!
Friday 30th May 2014 – 
This afternoon saw the boundary wall being completed after two and a half days of hard work.  After lunch grandma bid us farewell and headed home, we were sorry to see her go but ever so grateful of the help she’s given.  We decided to rest this afternoon and I pottered about doing some household chores ready to finish securing the chickens area tomorrow.  This evening my parents took the older two boys to stay a couple of nights with them leaving just the younger two home, the house was so quiet. 
Saturday 31st May 2014 –
We’ve had an extremely productive day today, one of those days when you fell you’ve achieved so much.  We’d had a restless night with Erin who’s developed a heavy cold and a croaky voice so I didn’t hold up much hope of getting things done this morning.  Dad of 3 took Rowan to a birthday party and in between lots of cuddles I managed to get some chores done in the house.  So when Rowan and dad of 3 returned we decided to make a start on the fencing in the garden while we could.  Erin happily came and watched us in between playing on the slide and talking to the cats and the chickens.  We stopped after and hour for a late lunch before heading back into the garden to finish the fencing.  Once the chicken’s area was finally secure the chickens were allowed out to explore, after three days in their run they were anxious to get out and enjoy the space.  They seemed happy enough and certainly have loads of room to enjoy.  As Erin was coping well with being out in the garden I decided to mow the rest of the garden and pick up any rubbish.  I also managed to clean the patio and almost all the garden toys.  It’s amazing how much we got done without the older two here!.  
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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 22

  1. Kate Fever says:

    My older 2 are obsessed with loom bands lol. Looks like the chickens have a lovely new home! #365

  2. Sara Murray says:

    My 7yo loves his loom band kit! You got a huge amount of work done in the garden 🙂

  3. MamaMummyMum says:

    great seeing the progress on the wall!!! I keep meaning to get the girls some loom bands (secretly want to make them myself)

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    wow i do my ironing to the eastenders omnibus! lol .. im glad its not just me! x

  5. Ickle Pickle says:

    Oh my goodness, loom bands are here too! Mummy going CRAZY because Luke keeps leaving them where I can get them!

  6. Great wall construction – that’s the sort of skill all MIL should come with #365

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