Electronic cigarettes can reduce the health risks associated with traditional smoking by up to 95%

Electronic cigarettes can reduce the health risks associated with traditional smoking by up to 95%
First invented in China by a pharmacist named Hon Lik and introduced to the UK market in 2007, electronic cigarettes are rapidly growing and we’re seeing more smokers being converted, with a significant improvement in both their mental and physical health.
How do they work?
E-cigs comprise of a battery, an atomizer and cartridge containing a nicotine suspended solution. The liquid is essentially heated up by the atomizer which then converts it into a vapour and hence you having Vaping! The primary benefit being that vapor contains none of the tar and toxins associated from tobacco cigarettes.
What are the main benefits of electronic cigarettes?
  1. They’re considerably cheaper – Depending on how much you smoke you can save thousands a year.
Here’s a basic example:
A standard pack of tobacco cigarettes costs you £7.00 and if you smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes a day that’s a cost of £49 a week and a cost of £2352 per year!
Equivalent in vaping electronic cigarettes – a bottle of e-liquid would cost on average £5 per week for a relatively heavy smoker which costs £240 per year!
Minus the upfront cost of the kit and replacing parts etc that’s a cost saving of £2112 a year!
  1. No more carcinogens and toxins associated with the burning of tobacco – A number of scientific studies from medical institutions have repeatedly proven that smoking electronic cigarettes can reduce the health related risks associated with conventional smoking by more than 95%. Not only that but scientists found that electronic cigarettes were twice as affective in helping people quit smoking as opposed to nicotine replacement aids such as nicotine patches.
  1. No more second hand smoke – If you’ve got kids you can enjoy family day outs without the concern that you might be harming your close ones, well not to worry any more – The vapour is odorless and doesn’t cling to your clothes as traditional cigarettes do and the majority of vapers state that after a few weeks of switching they’re sense of smell dramatically improves, which is great when you’ve got literally hundreds of e-liquid flavours to choose from.
What are the best electronic cigarettes for starters and what is available in the marketplace?
A lot of supermarkets and convenience stores stock disposable ecigs which are mainly the e-lites and nicolites of the world. The benefit is they’re readily available, although they can often be poor in quality and not the ideal starter kit or experience a new vaper should have.
Refillables and Variable Voltage e-cigs:
Refillables or reusable’s are the most effective kits on the market for both starters and advanced users. Refillables come in a number of styles which range from refillable cartridges to specialised devices for advanced enthusiasts. Clearomizers are the latest in what we call ‘tank’ systems which hold the e-liquid. A full starter kit usually comprises of a battery, clearomizer, USB charger and a bottle of e-liquid. E-cig store’s first taste starter kit is a perfect example of a full kit as seen below:
Variable voltage/wattage ecigs are increasing in popularity – They essentially allow you to alter the voltage passing through the battery and therefore fine tweak the power (wattage) through the entire device. A number of different factors come into play when tuning the device – mainly coming down to a personal preference and taste. Variable voltage batteries are geared towards the more advanced user as there is a learning curve associated but once you’ve found that sweet spot it makes your vape that much better! 
The benefits really are endless and if you haven’t given e-cigs a try I’d strongly recommend it. We’ve partnered up with an online retailer of ecigs – e-cig store who stock a wide variety of kits for the novice to the advanced user. Their first taste starter kit is their flagship kit which contains everything you need to get started along with a free bottle of premium e-liquid with over 40 flavours to choose from. They’ve even given us a unique discount code which gives you 15% off any order! Just use at MUMOF3BOYS checkout!

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    I have been using an e-cig for just over a year….I spend about £5 a week plus the occasional cost of buying batteries…..It’s saved me so much money and I feel better for it….I don’t stink of smoke anymore at least 🙂 x

  2. Akmos17 says:

    This is the first definitive study of e-cigarette chemistry and finds that there are no health concerns based on generally accepted exposure limits. electronic cigarettes

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