Project 365 – Week 23

Why is the first week back from school holidays always a difficult one?!  This week has seen the boys return to their routine of finding it difficult to get up for school having been up early every day over half term!  Thankfully the weather all though changeable hasn’t been too bad apart from one day of awful rain.  Even the weather forecast for this weekend hasn’t been as bad as expected.  So here’s what we’ve been up to this week! 
Sunday 1st June 2014 – 
This evening we attempted to get back into the bedtime routine for school with having our usual early night.  Rowan however struggled due to the heat in the house and when I returned from having a shower I discovered the little monkey in my bed instead of his!
Monday 2nd June 2014 –
This morning after the boys had safely been delivered to school, Erin and I indulged in a spot of baking.  I’ve been meaning to attempt a Orange Drizzle cake for a while now but hadn’t got around to it so we took the opportunity to have a go today.  This Orange Drizzle Madeira cake smelt delicious when it was cooking and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in this evening when everyone was home.  It was well worth the wait and a big hit so I will be making it again soon.  
Tuesday 3rd June 2014 –
The chickens are thoroughly enjoying their new enclosure and the freedom it’s brought them.  While we were out in the garden with the little ones today one of the girls decided to show off and flew onto the top of the rabbit run to get a closer look at the children playing!  
Wednesday 4th June 2014 –
This evening Granny called over for a coffee after work, it’s quite unusual for her to call as we tend to go to her house plus this was the second visit in as many days!  After a couple of minutes Erin decide to climb up next to Granny and have a cuddle which is equally unusual as she will normally only have a quick cuddle and is off to play.  It was nice to watch Erin cuddle up to Granny though.
Thursday 5th June 2014 – 
The children’s old playhouse was badly damaged in the New Year storms so when I found an offer this week I took the plunge and bought a new one for the garden.  This afternoon it arrived and I spent the evening putting it together ready for the children to use.  I love the bright colours and the look of excitement on Erin’s face was fantastic when she saw it.  
Friday 6th June 2014 –
This evening after school myself, the children and Granny loaded up the car and headed off to spend two nights in Tenby.  We were all preying the weather was not going to be as bad as forecast.  This is the view from our hotel room, such a beautiful view which has such a calming effect.  
Saturday 7th June 2014 –
We certainly packed a lot in to our day! We explored Tenby old town, the children indulged in an hour at the local soft play centre during a down pour.  Then we managed to get Trystan’s hair cut before we treated ourselves to ice cream at an Ice Cream Parlour.  Then back to the hotel for a picnic lunch before sampling the hotel’s heated outdoor pool for an hour.  More fun with the outdoor facilities before an hour in the game’s room before a stroll on the beach and dinner!  

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