Project 365 – Week 29

So we’ve finally reached the end of the school year for the children.  The last few weeks have been non stop for the boys and it’s now taking it’s toll and their so tired now bless them.  This week mainly consisted of school trips for the boys, spread out over three days and sports day, so it was a relaxed week for them all.  So here’s our week:
Sunday 13th July 2014 –
This evening when I went to take the ironing upstairs I discovered Kitty curled up on our bed cuddled up to one of the children’s teddies, she did look very sweet.
Monday 14th July 2014 –
I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather forecast the last few days due to school trips and sports dayIt’s been so warm here but very humid with it, we could do with a storm to break it but it would be nice to have at least dry weather for sports and the trips.
Tuesday 15th July 2014 –
 We’ve been watering the plants twice a day in the heat and the last of the begonia’s are starting to flower.  They look lovely out on the patio, they have really brightened up a neglected spot.
Wednesday 16th July 2014 –
This is Noisy, she is one of the three new additions to our flock from the re-homing at the end of June.  She’s so mischievous and will escape the enclosure at every opportunity, she really does seem to prefer our company and happily sits with us at every given opportunity.
Thursday 17th July 2014 –
This evening while the older two were out at cubs, I helped Rowan make some Thank you cards for his teachers.  Rowan loves anything that involves cutting and sticking so really enjoyed this activity.  
Friday 18th July 2014 –
This evening I spent some time playing around taking black and white photos, this is my favourite one.  
Saturday 19th July 2014 –
This afternoon I popped out to get some bread and drop a lemon drizzle cake off for my dad and when I got back I almost fell over a sleeping Erin in the middle of the doorway into the playroom, bless her. 
What’s your week been like?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 29

  1. Love the thank you cards – homemade is always lovely 🙂

  2. Your cat is gorgeous, love the thank you card too #365

  3. That last one is sooo cute, love the cards too x

  4. Beautiful pics – I’m loving the cards!

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww the picture of sleeping Erin is so cute .. you must have worn her out!

  6. Nikki Thomas says:

    That last photo is so sweet, bless her. Your garden looks like fun

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