Back to school with Capri-Sun Juice Drink

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With just a week left until the boys go back to school my thoughts have turned to lunchbox ideas and juice drinks.  Since the Summer term I have been making Bento lunches for Rowan in a bid to make his lunches more appealing in the hope he would eat more.  The difference was instant and we went from having things left over to an empty lunch box coming home.  So I know I will be making Bento lunches again this term.

Over the weekend I popped into my local Tesco with the older two boys to get a few bits. I thought it would be a good idea to start getting a few bits and pieces for packed lunches.  One of the things I knew I could buy in advance were drinks so I headed to the drinks aisle to have a look.  The drinks cartoons and pouches had been moved since we last bought some but I quickly located them.  Now located along the rear wall of the store next to the Takeaway, hot chicken counter.  Which is located opposite the end of aisles 8 (dvd’s and home products)  and 9 (frozen foods).


The boys quickly spotted one of their favourite drinks Capri-Sun.  Capri-Sun have no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives which makes them perfect for lunchboxes and days out.  As we approached the display I could see that the Capri-Sun drinks were also on offer at £2.00 for a box of ten pouches giving a saving of 98p.


Rowan and Luc like different juices from the range.  Rowan likes Blackcurrant while Luc likes Apple, so I picked up a box of each as part of my #collectiveBias #CapriSunSchool shop. 


Rowan was very excited when he saw the Capri-Sun when we got home and had to be told firmly that they were for his packed lunch when they went back to school.  After a little sulking he quickly came around.  As a comprise I promised that I would make him a packed lunch for his over the bank holiday, which immediately put a smile on his face.

So at lunch time today I set about preparing Rowan a Bento lunch along with a Blackcurrent Capri-Sun pouch.  Using Rowan’s favourite sandwich cutter I made him a ham sandwich, with cocktail sausages, a small stick of cheese and a frube.  His little face lit up when he saw it and wasted no time polishing it off.


With Luc being that bit older than Rowan I don’t tend to make Bento lunches for him but one thing he enjoyed me doing in the Summer term was freezing his Capri-Sun pouches.   Once frozen I would add them to Luc’s sandwich bag to help keep his lunch cool until lunchtime.  Then if the juice was not quite defrosted Luc would crush the pouch carefully so the juice formed a slushy for him to drink.  Luc has already asked if I will freeze a few pouches ready for his lunches. 

Both Rowan and Luc are now looking forward to their packed lunches when they return to school thanks to choosing Capri-Sun for a genuine “Thanks Mum”.


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