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The last Wednesday of July is traditionally the local agricultural show here and usually it is quite a wet affair!  However this year the weather was glorious, it was slightly cooler than the last few weeks which was very welcome so I decided we would venture up and take a look.  

So having ensured everyone was plastered in suncream and had hats and drinks myself, my four and my minded small clambered into the car to make the ten minute journey to the show field.  It had been two years since we visited last and I had decided to get their early so we could be home for lunch and maintain the younger children’s nap times.  I wasn’t too sure what we would see expect for the the livestock.  

The three boys had been given free entry tickets at school before they broke up and the younger two (Erin and my minded child) were free due to their age, so I only had to pay entry for myself which made a huge difference, cost wise.  

I had already explained to the boys that we wouldn’t be going on bouncy castles and rides because if they went on the younger ones would want to go on and the expense would mount! so we were literally going to walk the show field looking at trade stands and livestock and if we had the opportunity would look in the craft and cooking tents at the entry’s to the various categories.  

We only made it three stands down before we meet someone we knew helping on her son’s trade stand and while I chatted briefly the boys tried out the garden swings, climbing frame and various other items that had been handcrafted.  After ten minutes I persuaded the boys it was time to move on and see what else was about.

The agricultural show is quite a social event and you can guarantee you will bump into lots of people you know on your way around.  Within the first half an hour I had seen ten people along and had stopped to say hello etc.     The children behaved and were happy to look at tractors and other farming machinery on display.  The little one I was looking after was particularly taken with the tractors and their huge wheels.

We stopped briefly to wash some horses competing in the main ring and some children enjoying donkey rides.  Then as we moved on again we could see some activity at one of the nearby stands and as we drew nearer one of the men on the stand called over and asked if the boys would like to try bricklaying.  The boys immediately went and got stuck in.  The stand was for the local collage and the construction department.  Along with a local Bricklayer, tutors were giving children the opportunity to get hands on and try bricklaying and making bird boxes.

boys building

The boys spent a good twenty minutes laying bricks, ensuring they were level and even learning how to point them.  The younger two were happy to watch and enjoy a drink in the shade.   Trying to get the boys to move on was difficult as they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It was lovely to have the opportunity to try something new too and I hope the collage return to the show next year.

Once we moved on we had found ourselves near the livestock pens and tents, which we made our way slowly around.


I wanted to have a look at the poultry but this year they were in a tent and it was very busy when we ventured in.  They were also judging on of the categories and as I had a double pushchair plus the three boys I decided not to venture in.

We browsed a few more trade stands selling inflatable balls and jewellery before stopping in the far corner of the field from where the entrance was to enjoy the view out over the bay and to have a drink.


The show field really has a fantastic vantage point for views over the bay and with the lovely weather the view was outstanding.  Luc and Trystan tried to identify various places in the bid to get their barrings, the local boat club, one of the beaches, Cardigan Ireland and the mouth of the river.

When everyone was ready we walked the last side of the field back towards the show entrance.  There was a few minutes of moaning as we passed the inflatables but as we neared the entrance we bumped into Dadcu who had not long arrived to do a stint on one of the trade stands in aid of the local castle.  The boys excitedly told him all about the bricklaying and some of the other things we had seen before we headed back to the car.  A quick check of the clock showed that we had completed a lap of the show field in an hour and a half and we would be home in time for a late lunch.  Just long enough not to bore the children and not to get stuck in queues leaving the show field!

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  1. These shows are great for all the family and it’s great that they boys had tickets from school too! It looks like they enjoyed the brick laying and looking at the livestock too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. says:

    The brick building looks like very serious work!

  3. Wow this is so nice! I love the bricklaying activity! Looks really interesting for kids! Also nice that you talked to them before the event about bouncy castles. They really usually are expensive! What a nice day =) #countrykids

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