Project 365 – Week 32

This week the older went off to spend some time with their grandmother and one of their cousins.  Usually when we two less children here for a day or two things are a lot easier but this week continued to be a full one and we packed lots in.  

Sunday 3rd August 2014


After lunch today dad of 3 and the three boys headed off to Grandmas.  So it was just myself and Erin for the night.  We ate with Granny and Dadcu before coming home and cwtching up to watch a disney movie on the sofa and watched the sunset. 

Monday 4th August 2014


Erin and I spent a lovely morning swimming and then came home to tidy the house and wait for dad of 3 and Rowan to come home.  Erin spent some time playing with the toy tools but while watching Doc Macstuffin she decided to try using the tools as doctors instruments! 

Tuesday 5th August 2014


This morning myself, Rowan, Erin and the little one I was looking after headed to Poppit Sands to the lifeboat station with Jigso Children’s Centre.  Rowan made the most of having the opportunity to climb into the RNLI landrover and the various lifeboats.  Erin wasn’t so sure this time and was happy to watch her brother and the other children.

Wednesday 6th August 2014


This morning myself and the younger two headed off to do a spot of shopping outside Carmarthen and then headed to Llanelli to see my aunt and cousins.  Having moved just before Christmas this was our first visit to their new home.  We spent a lovely couple of hours catching up and enjoying the views out over the millennium coastal path and a walk on the beach.  This is the view from the garden, how lucky they are to wake up to this.

Thursday 7th August 2014


Today was full of building things with duplo, knocking them down again and rebuilding.  After our day out yesterday we were all a bit tired.  Rowan kept asking when it was bedtime because he was eager to try out the glow stick wand we had bought the previous day.  By the time it actually was bedtime he was so excited.  I have to say it did give off an impressive glow.

Friday 8th August 2014


This afternoon the older two came home with Grandma, Rowan had missed them terribly while they were away and was so excited to see them.  Grandma stayed the night and we enjoyed some time together.  I had to pop down to my parents this evening to water my dads tomatoes for him and put their chickens to bed.  I couldn’t get over the size of his tomato plants.

Saturday 9th August 2014


Today is Luc’s 10th Birthday, I still can’t believe he’s ten.  He’s spent the day watching Dr Who episodes and playing on the playstation, which after his week away was nice for him to have a relaxed day. 

How’s your week been?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 32

  1. 76sunflowers says:

    What a gorgeous view of the beach to have, that is a dream of mine! What a lovely sunset and so nice to have such a great crop of tomatoes 🙂

  2. Nikki Thomas says:

    Some beautiful views this week and it sounds like you are managing to keep everyone occupied during the holidays. We have a ten year old and a very soon to be nine year old and I do not know where the time goes. I hope he had a lovely birthday

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    gosh you have been super busy this week! we are hoping to take Joshua to the lifeboat station next time we are near the coast as he is beginning to become interested

  4. looks like a great place to live, I would love a beach front property, would be an amazing place to watch storms roll in. Happy belated birthday Luc, hope you got some nice presents.
    Hope your dad gets a good crop from his tomatoes, we have plenty on ours but none red yet.

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    What an amazing view to wake up to, I think I’d spend all my time standing at the window just looking out to sea.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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