Sharing a childhood favourite dessert with my own children #Angeldelightmoments


angel delightGrowing up one of my favourite desserts was Angel Delight and in particular the strawberry and chocolate flavours.  It was one of those desserts which I really looked forward to and would ask for if ever I had the chance.

So as each of my children have reached an age they can enjoy desserts we have introduced them to Angel Delight.  We started with the flavours myself and dad of 3 enjoyed as children and then tried some other flavours like butterscotch and banana.   These proved to also be a huge hit with all four children and have quickly become regular teatime treat.  It’s also something that I find handy to have in the cupboard for an after school tummy filler to help keep the children going until tea time. 

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to have the chance to try the brand new Bubblegum flavour.  The boys in particular couldn’t wait to try it so a couple of days later I whipped it up for dessert.   One thing I love about Angel delight is how quick and easy it is to make, simply half a pint of milk in a bowl then add in the angel delight mix and whisk until the mixture starts to thicken.  Then pop it in the fridge for five minutes before serving.

I have to say the mix certainly smelt of bubblegum when I was whisking it together.  When it was time to serve the angel delight up the boys commented that they liked the smell and it really did smell like bubblegum.  I have to say once I got stuck in I actually quite enjoyed the bubblegum flavour as did the rest of the family.  I’ve a feeling the boys will be requesting the new flavour again. 

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