A tranquil spot

Towards the end of the Christmas holidays I discovered my my car battery was flat, yes it was annoying at the time but actually it was also a blessing.  Because if it hadn’t of died I would not have ended up driving around for over an hour to recharge the battery once the RAC had got it going again.  I would never have visited one of my favourite local spots and in turn would not have captured some fantastic images.  As I couldn’t turn off my engine in fear it would not restart I literally drove around my local area with Erin, stopping and snapping away on my phone as I went. 

One spot just five minutes from home is somewhere I go to clear my head and often take the children to blow off the cobwebs and burn some energy for ten minutes.  I’m not quite sure what made me visit that spot twice during the time I was driving around, but I did and took some photographs of the same spot some twenty minutes apart. 

When I got home I shared some on my personal facebook page and was quite overwhelmed by the lovely comments I received.  It had also been intention to post at least one of them as my Silent Sunday/My Sunday Photo.  However I never got around to it.  So I’ve decided to share them with you now.

patch duskpatch dusk 1Both are at the same spot, but taken at a slightly different angle.  I love the way the clouds reflect in the water and difference that a short period of time can make to one spot.  I am going to try to go out and about photography local area’s at dusk and see what I can capture. 

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