Taking stock

You may have noticed things have been a bit on the quiet side lately, so I wanted to explain why.  I could give you a long list of what would seem like excuses but I won’t.  Quite simply, life got in the way! 

We have literally had three full on months, actually on reflection the last half of last year right up until now has been full on.  It’s been one endless rollercoaster of family events, illness, Panto and the usual daily things thrown in.  Don’t get me wrong we have thoroughly loved so many of the things that have happened and made some amazing memories but its all left us and especially me with very little time. 

It’s something that I feel quite sad about at times as I pour my heart and soul into Mum of 3 Boys and I feel I’ve neglected it lately.  This is especially the case since Christmas.  Many of you will know that myself and Luc took part in the local amateur dramatics annual Panto for the first time,  I can’t describe the feeling of elation we experienced when it came to the performances and seeing how much the audience enjoyed the show.  We made so many friends along the way and really felt like one big happy family (cheesy but true) Don’t get me wrong it was hard work, a workshop and auditions in August followed by rehearsals starting in September which increased in frequency all the way up the closer we got to curtains up.  The whole experience and our lovely Panto family helped Luc grow so much and even myself and for that I will be forever grateful.  Our quiet, shy first-born blossomed and came to life on stage something that was so amazing to watch.  Then at the cast wrap party he amazed me further by getting up and singing karaoke not once but several times, what a little star.   Yes panto zapped our energy when we were not on stage, we did seven performances in all and yes it did make Christmas feel a bit strange in some ways but we loved every minute. 

Unfortunately Christmas was over shadowed by vomiting bugs too, anyone who is part of a large family will know that once one gets it, you all do and we certainly suffered from the domino effect with the one we had over Christmas.  Luc really was a star and went on stage to do his part and I took him home before returning to do my bits on stage!  Dad of 3 was hit badly and in the midst of it had to look after the three other children.  Which to be honest has to be the hardest thing and I felt so torn between Panto and my family.  It’s something we’ve since discussed and feel that if we decided to take part in panto again maybe one of the other children will join in two but that’s something for later in the year to think about.  

Since my return from Rhodes in September my immune system has taken a battering.  In all honesty I had been experiencing a few symptoms for a while and although had seen my gp it was felt it was due to sinus issues.  However the day after returning from my fantastic break (something I am thrilled I did) I felt quite unwell and developed a racing heart which woke me in the early hours and resulted in out of hours sending paramedics to assess me.  After ecg’s both at home and then again the following day, plus blood tests revealed I had extremely low iron levels.  Which once we knew the symptoms I had been experincing for months were actually all related to that fact.  So for the last few months I have been taking iron tablets and having to put up with the side effects (some of which aren’t nice!)  I’m not one to complain and have thought long and hard about sharing this with you over the last few months.  But I feel it’s something that needed sharing, it’s felt that my iron is low due to extended breastfeeding and pregnancy and will in time recover but it can be a slow process.  Recently I had my iron stores tested and they showed that I am at the lowest end of the scale so will just have to continue the tablets until it improves.  So please bare with me as I’m often lacking energy and also suffering from insomnia.  Some days it’s enough to work and look after the family before collapsing into bed or the sofa to rest.  It also means I’m slightly more susceptible to the children’s germs too, well I guess they say “sharing is caring!” don’t they.

It’s also been quite frustrating because I have so many idea’s whirring around my head for Mum of 3 Boys but as of yet have been unable to get them written or typed down.  Many of my blogging friends will know that from time to time we suffer with motivational issues, it’s certainly not that we don’t want to write, nothing can be further from the truth, it’s more about how to convey what we want to. 

Last year I took part in Project 365 which I thoroughly enjoyed, you may have noticed the last two weeks are missing. I do have them but due to panto didn’t get around to posting them, I will do though.  Project 365 and also Podcast’s Black and White Photography Project which I also joined in with from time to time, made me realise how much I enjoy photography and that I would love to improve my photography skills further. 

I hope you will bare with me while I get back on track and join me on my continuing adventures in parenting and daily life.  After all you never know where it will take us next …….

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