Easy Easter Craft for children – Easter Bunny, Chicks and Eggs

I’ve spent the last few days trying to think of some Easter themed crafts to do with the younger children to do.  I wanted something simple yet to incorporate the spirit of Easter.   Having turned to pinterest for inspiration I finally decided on one which could be easily adapted to suit children of all ages. 

These easy Easter Bunnies, Chicks and Easter Eggs don’t need a lot of preparation either and you can use a variety of craft materials to give you slightly different end results.  

All you need is :

easter craft

White A4 Craft Card – although you could use coloured card if you prefer


Different coloured paper cut into strips of different thicknesses – I used a mixture of sugar paper and foiled paper.


1. To start with I drew an outline of a bunny, Easter Egg and Chick on separate pieces of A4 Craft card. 

easter tamplates


2. Then I cut the middle out of the pictures out to create templates.  Older children could complete this step themselves.

templates23.  Then spread glue around the edges of the template and start sticking the strips of paper across the template.  If you’re using foil paper like we did ensure the colour is facing away from you.

erin easter4. Once you have covered over the whole of the template, set to one side to dry. 

5. Once dry flip the card over and trim off the edges of the coloured paper to tidy up.

IMG_33166. There you have your lovely Easter Chick, Bunny and Easter Egg.  You could turn these into cards or use to decorate your bookshelves/mantal piece etc as we are doing. 

IMG_3320You could create different effects using different types of papers from scrap booking papers, wrapping paper, tissue paper etc.  You could even frame your finished pictures too.  You could even use this method to create pictures for other celebrations too. 

I did this craft with Erin and my childminded children who are two and three-year olds today so I cut out the templates and strips of paper but older children could do this with supervision.  Its alway a great craft for aiding fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. 

This is our entry into the Ocean Finance Easter Craft Competition.  The competition is open until the 10th April and there is the chance to win a hamper of Easter goodies worth £50.  Please visit here for more information

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  1. Thanks for linking up to this weeks RetroBlogPosts. I loved reading about the lovely crafts you have been creating for Easter.

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