The Changing face of television

As a child I remember sitting on the floor at my gran’s house, watching her black and white TV. My parents bought a colour TV which I grew up with. However in the last ten years technology has changed dramatically. The first television that my husband bought for me is what we call nowadays standard definition. It was a big chunky CRT (cathode ray tube) screen which was too heavy for me to even lift. Then about eight years ago my husband bought our first high-definition TV. The difference was immediately apparent, the picture quality, a LCD screen, lighter in weight and thinner in appearance and also used a quarter of the electricity than the old TV.

The latest revolution in television technology is the step to 4K Ultra HD. HD TV’s had roughly eight times the picture quality of standard definition. 4K is approximately four times the resolution of full HD. Dad of 3 is tech savvy and enjoys keeping abreast of the latest developments especially when it comes to TVs and sound systems. For the last few months he has been looking at 4K TVs. He has always thought of Panasonic as being a really good brand who makes some of the best audio-visual equipment there is. When he saw the range of Panasonic 4K TVs he started looking at ways to afford one.

Having looked through the range that Panasonic has, one that caught his eye was the TX-L65WT600B 65″ Smart Viera LED 4K TV TX-L65WT600B-Product_ImageGlobal-1_uk_enThis TV is 15 inches in diameter larger than our current one and has THX certified (surround sound) for the ultimate home theatre experience. The TVs home screen provides personalised information and expands your viewing experience and also gives you the ability to display photographs stored on an SD card in 4K high-resolution on the TV. So now it’s just a matter of budgeting and seeing when he can afford one.

Will you be making the move to 4K TV?

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