Black and white Photography Project – landscapes

This week I’ve been getting out and about as much as possible both on my own and with the family.  With the later evenings and dry weather we are trying to start getting out and about as much as possible.  So on Monday evening Trystan and I did a spot of geocaching, Tuesday evening after dinner we all went for a walk to the nearby wildlife centre with the children taking their scooters with them.  After dinner on Wednesday I spotted a new geocache locally so Trystan and I went off to find it in the hope of being the first to find.  Unfortunately we were pipped to the post but were second to find!.  Then on Thursday evening while at Cubs we were doing some backwards cooking outdoors. 

I took the opportunity to take some photographs of the landscape around us and decided to use black and white.   These are a few of my favourites that I took, all taken in my local area and all showing a different landscape.

black and white 1 3515This photograph shows the mouth of the estuary emerging out into the sea.  Trystan and I were out geocaching, hunting for a mystery cache down some quiet country lanes at around 7pm.  We turned a corner in the lanes and were faced with this lovely sight.  All was calm and we could see a rain shower coming in over the coast.

black and white2 3515I took this photograph on our way back from our walk to the wildlife park on Tuesday evening.  The wind was just starting to pick up and the rain was threatening.  This photograph shows the river behind the reeds.  I love the textures in it.

black and white3 3515Wednesday evenings geocaching brought us to a spot on the outskirts of town, overlooking the river.  An area of the town that was part of the ship building industry many years ago.  It’s somewhere we really should visit more often and is such a lovely spot on a sunny day.  In contrast to the previous two evenings, the sun was shining. 

black and white4 3515Towards the end of Thursday night’s Cub meeting I noticed the lowering sun was highlighting the arches of the old bridge over the river, slightly downstream from our Scout Hut,  I seized the opportunity to capture it and I’m really pleased with the result.  I love the reflections and contrasts. 

All the photographs have one thing in common and that’s water.  In each one I have captured water, the river and the estuary and in fact all are taken within a couple of miles of each other but show the river in different ways. 

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