Petite Filous’s Magic Squares Playdate #MagicSquaresPlaydate

I’m always trying to find new ways to make play fun for both my own children and those I look after.  I like to find prompts that will help inspire their imaginations be it a household object, a toy or even a food. 

Of course there are times when the children need a lot of direction with their play and learning but I love to watch the games they come up with themselves.  Watching them play together as a sibling group, with their friends and also independently.  Children’s imaginations are fantastic and they have the ability to transport themselves to new places all from the comfort of their home or garden. 

This week we have been enjoying Petite Filous’s Magic squares new Magic squares yogurts.  We have been trying both the strawberry and vanilla and raspberry and vanilla, I have to say the children have enjoyed both combinations thoroughly. 

playdateThe children all enjoyed the Magic Squares as an afterschool snack before heading out into the garden for some free play while I sat and watched on the patio.  The one thing I’m cross about is that my battery died on my phone so I was unable to capture their play.  However just having the chance to sit and watch them quietly was lovely. 

Using the outdoor play equipment, trampoline, slide and ride on toys and the added throw from the sofa.  The children worked together to make a den and then went on to play a game together.  Rowan donned his Batman fancy dress costume which is a current favourite with him.  After twenty minutes of them playing I asked them what they were playing and the replay was simply “whatever we like!”  The response made me smile because they were obviously were enjoying themselves and it really didn’t matter what they were playing. 

I decided to leave them playing while I made a start on dinner but watched them from the safety of the kitchen.  They played for a further hour before an disagreement erupted over the dismanteling of the den.  Once resolved I suggested they clear away ready for tea as dad of 3 would be returning shortly.   When he arrived home I told him how nicely the children had been playing together.  The boys came to great their dad and immediately told him they had enjoyed their afternoon snack.  Dad of 3 asked what they had had and I showed him  the last pot of Magic Squares.    Given the fact the children enjoyed them I think they will become a regular snack for them.  

We’ve always enjoyed Petite Filous products so it was nice to have the opportunity to try their New Magic Squares.  You can find out more about Petite Filous by visiting their website here

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