If money was no object, what would you do?

Everybody likes to dream about what they would do if they won the lottery or an infinite amount of money, I know I have.  At the moment I’m working on developing my outdoor play and learning area both for use by our own children and those I look after.  So the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of research on different products.  This inevitably has led me to started me saying to Dad of 3 “If only I could afford this, that and the other!”. 

Dad of 3 usually laughs and tells me to be realistic or we end up having a conversation about the other things we would do if money was no object.  It’s always a light-hearted discussion and usually we agree on most things we would do or buy but there are a few things we don’t.   If we won the lottery or money was no object I would:

Finishing the work in the house that needs doing, for example re doing the bathroom, converting the attic space into another bedroom.  I’d also love to convert the garage into a more practical space, a playroom and utility room would be great.  I’d also like to add a conservatory.  These are all practical things that would make our home more functional for us as a family. I also know that if he could Dad of 3 would love to build a house for us overlooking the sea with a bit of land for us to enjoy too. 

I’m trying to make the outdoor space more functional too as I said earlier, I’d love an area with raised beds for growing more vegetables with the children.  Somewhere we could relax as a family and areas such as a mud kitchen for the children to enjoy and a wooden playhouse and climbing frame.

Then I would love to go on a family holiday or maybe two! I would love to explore different countries with the children.  One place top of my list would be Walt Disney World Florida, I mean it’s not just for children is it?! I would also like to see the Northern Lights and I know Dad of 3 would like to visit the castles in Germany. 

I also have dreams of growing my business too which would certainly be easier if I had an infinite amount of money or a lottery win!  But ultimately I would like to have the pressure of worrying about money taken away, been able to enjoy life and ensure our families are taken care of, for them not to worry about money either.

Dad of 3 and I often buy lottery tickets online and cross our fingers that we win something.  We have been lucky a few times and won the odd £10 here and there.  It’s nice to dream isn’t it?  There’s certainly no harm in being prepared for the possibility of wining!  What would you do if you won the lottery?  What would be on your wish list? 

Disclosure:  This is a collaborative post however the content is 100% my own

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