Lego Dream Home

For the last few weeks Trystan has been spending his time designing his dream house as part of the Ocean Dream Home competition.  It was a challenge he has relished and he has put a lot of thought into his house. 

Initially Trystan sat down and wrote down all the ideas he had on a piece of paper and then tried to work out which one he would try to build out of Lego.  After trying a few ideas out he decided to try to combine too things he likes.  The first being astronomy and the second Penguins.    Having decided on that he spent several days playing around with different designs until he made one he was happy with.  This is his finished house, his Penguin Observatory.

 trystans dream houseTrystan’s dream house would enable him to live in Antarctica where he could spend time star-gazing and helping injured or orphaned penguins.  He modelled his house on an igloo but made modifications that meant the roof could open to reveal a telescope for star-gazing and he also added a viewing platform where he could spend time watching for penguins and stargazing.  Inside the house there would be space to help sick penguins get better and where he could learn more about their behaviour and lives.

This is our entry for the Ocean Lego Dream House Competition

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