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Over the last few months Erin has developed a love of fairies, her favourite has to be Tinkerbell and she will watch the films over and over.  When we go out for the day she wants to hunt for fairies which has led to lots of adventures.  So when Interplay asked if we would like to make our own fairy garden I jumped at the chance.

 A coupe of days later we received our Fairy Garden kit, I have to say I was impressed by the quick delivery.

fairy garden boxErin’s face was a picture when she came home and saw the box waiting for her.  She literally couldn’t wait to make a start on it.   So after dinner that evening we cleared a space on the table and opened the box.

fairy garden in the box

What’s in the Kit

There is everything you need to complete your fairy garden with the exception of the compost/top soil.  However I had a bag in the garden that we could use.  I decided to keep the bowl that houses the fairy garden inside the box to help contain any mess as Erin put it together.  

We laid out all the pieces along with the instructions so we could follow the steps easily.  The first step was to fill the bowl with compost/top soil so we took the bowl into the garden to the bag of top soil and Erin filled the bowl with a couple of spades full.  Next we went back inside and I helped Erin put the Fairy house together.  This is slightly fiddley so depending on your child’s age they may need a little help as Erin did. 

fairy garden stepsStep three was to put the house in place and then add the Oyster shell which forms the water feature.   Then Erin set about laying the brightly coloured path outside the house.  I then helped Erin put the washing line together, again this could be fiddley for younger children.  Then Erin sprinkled over the grass seeds before adding toadstools, flowers and of course the all important fairy.    I then carefully moved the fairy garden up on top of some units, high enough to stop it been knocked over but low enough from Erin to watch her garden grow.

erin fairy gardenThen Erin careful sprinkled water over the grass seeds to help them grow!   Over the next few days Erin sprinkled a little more water and watched for signs of the garden growing.   After a few days we started to see the grass sprouting much to her delight.  However I quickly noticed the grass was disappearing and couldn’t work out why.  But one evening I spotted Erin picking the grass!  I explained the grass was supposed to grow and she needs to leave it alone!  So unfortunately we are yet to see our fairy garden full of grass but I hope it will grow quickly.

Interplay’s Fairy Garden costs £14.99 and is aimed at ages four plus.  Erin is only three and was able to complete the majority of the kit herself with a little help from me.  It’s a lovely activity to do together and I like the fact there are suggestions for additions to your fairy garden.  For further information or to buy your own fairy garden you can visit Interplay’s website here


1 thought on “Review – Fairy Garden from Interplay

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ahh! My girl has one of these and loves it…..It is so cute isn’t it!
    The grass grows so fast my girl had great fun cutting it with little scissors….

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