Halloween Craft – Spooky Eggbox Bat tutorial

Halloween is fast approaching so last week we made a start on our Halloween Crafts.  I spent some time searching pinterest for some new ideas and came across some images of bat made from egg boxes.  We’ve a good supply of egg boxes so I decided to have a go.  The end result was spooktastic so over the last few days I have been making them with the little ones I look after and I thought I would share this easy craft with you. 

To make your own Spooky Eggbox Bat you will need:


An egg box



Googly eyes

Black Paint and a paint brush

Wool or ribbon of your choice – We used black wool.


1. Take your egg box and cut it down the centre so you have three egg box sections on each of the two parts.

2. Carefully trim the egg box sections down to remove the corners of the box and the centre part so that the box is level.

3. Carefully cut too triangles out of the two egg holders on either side (leaving the centre one whole)

eggbox bat steps4. Paint your egg box with the black paint.  You can paint the inside too if you like but we only painted the outside.

5. Put your painted egg box to one side to dry.

6. Once dry take two googly eyes and stick them on the centre egg holder to give your bat eyes.  Set aside to dry again.

7.  Carefully using a pencil or something sharp make a small hole in the top of the centre egg holder.  I used a darning needle to do ours.

egg box bat steps1

8. Take your chosen wool or ribbon.  Tie a knot in one end and then thread it through the hole you have just made.  I did this from the underside of the bat.  The length of your wool or ribbon is up to you.  I left a good length so we could tie from a curtain rail. 

9. Secure the knotted end of your wool or ribbon with a little bit of selotape.  Your now ready to hang your egg box bat where ever you want.

You could also draw on some fangs or stick on some ears if you like but I think they look great as they are. 

eggbox bats

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