Preparing for the Winter months

We’ve been very lucky over the last month to have experienced some last warm weather but the last couple of days have turned decidedly colder.  It’s certainly reminded me that it’s autumn and colder weather is on the way.   Don’t get me wrong I like the colder weather, the crisp mornings with the glistening cobwebs on bushes and frost kissed grass crunching under foot and cosy evening curled up on the sofa with the children under warm blankets. 

But the other side of the colder months means. coughs, cold’s, potential chest infections for myself and Rowan (we’re both asthmatic) and trying to keep everyone warm.  We always try to resist turning the heating on until the last-minute to help heating bills down but it can be a struggle.  So with this in mind I’ve been looking at ways that will help us keep warm. 

The more obvious way to keep warm is to wear more layers, during the colder months we all start wearing vests under tops and then jumpers on top.  Layers are a good way of locking in heat and layers can be added and removed.  If the temperature really drops the children have thermal layers they wear too.  

Back in the Summer I started to teach myself to Crochet, something I have wanted to do for a while now.  The first thing I made was a blanket for Rowan, then one for Erin and I have almost completed one for Trystan.  They are lovely and warm and will certainly help keep them warm during the night.   I also have several fleece blankets that I bring out and leave on the sofa’s during the colder months so that they are handy for curling up in the evenings. 

IMG_5445We used to own a portable electic heater which we could move from room to room when needed, it was very cost-effective and very easy to use.  Sadly ours now needs replacing so I have started looking around to see what is available.  My parents have a small Oil Filled Radiator which they use in their conservatory when cold.  This is one option for us too, I found this one on amazon. 

oil radiatorI’ve also been looking at electric radiators as an option.  These are fixed to a wall and come in a variety of sizes.  Plus being electric they are cheaper to run then having the central heating on.  I’ve been looking at Best Electric Radiators and they have a variety of electric radiators.  For us I think an electric radiator would be beneficial in our bedroom as our current radiator just does not heat the full room.  slimline_side_1_main

As I spend a lot of time driving, another thing I do during the winter months is insure I have some warm blankets, drinks and snacks in the car when going on long trips just incase we run into any trouble.   It means we can stay warm while we wait for help to come. 

On another note, with the colder weather arriving one thing I will also be doing is keeping an eye on my elderly neighbours and relatives to ensure they are well and keeping warm.  It’s something I feel is very important and it doesn’t take much time either and I know they appreciate my popping in to see them too.   

I now need to sit down with dad of 3 and decided which steps we will take for this winter.  Do you do anything in particular to prepare for the colder weather?

This is a collaborative post however the content is 100% my own.

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