Review – Smiggle Advent Calendar

Over the last year or two I have tried a few different types of advent calendars for the children, from the traditional chocolate filled ones, to ones with toys in and ones that you can fill yourself.  These have all been well received for different reasons with the children.  Finding advent calendars for the older two boys can be a challenge though especially for luc as he’s at that age when he want’s to start being seen as more grownup than his siblings.   So a couple of weeks ago I started having a look at different ideas for him. 

Then at the beginning of the week I was sent a Smiggle Advent Calender to review, could this be the solution to my search.  When I opened the packaging I immediately smiled as the illustrations on the calendar are so festive and cheerful.  The design is bright and cheerful and would be suitable for girls, boys and even grown ups.  On the back of the calendar it does state that it is suitable for ages six plus and should not be given to under threes due to the choking hazard of some of the contents.

The Smiggle Advent Calender is filled with Smiggle goodies and would make a perfect calendar for stationary lovers young and old.  I personally think that for children it would be suited more for those aged eight or nine plus,  it’s around this age I’ve noticed that children seem to want to have novelty pens and rubbers to take to school. 

smiggleNow I know this might sound strange but I’ve really struggled with the concept of opening this lovely advent Calender prior to December 1st!  I know it makes reviewing it difficult to say the least however I just can’t bring myself to open it now.  So instead I’ve decided that it will be opened as it should be, during advent and I will share a picture of each days gift on my instagram feed, which you can find here.  So if you’re not already following me then pop over and follow me now so you can see what’s behind each days door.   I am also torn about whether to give the calendar to Luc or keep it for myself as I’m quite partial to stationary myself!

The Smiggle Advent Calender retails at £25.00 and can be bought in store at Smiggle or online here.  Yes it is a bit on the expensive side however if you compare it to other advent calendars with toys it is on par with them.  Plus the contents of the calendar is worth over £40 so you can’t really go wrong.   If that wasn’t enough with each Advent Calender you also have the chance to find a Lucky Ticket.  There are ten lucky tickets to be found with each one giving the winner £250 to spend at Smiggle, just imagine all the lovely Smiggle goodies you could buy with that! 

Disclaimer:  I was sent a Smiggle Advent Calender for the purpose of this post.  The contents of this post is 100% my own.

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