Join Andy’s Amazing Adventures in his new magazine

I’m sure if you have a child under the age of eight you will have seen Andy’s Amazing Adventures on Cbeebies.  Well from today you can also join Andy on his adventures in his new magazine.   It’s packed full of activities for your little explorers to get stuck into as well as all the fun that we love from the television show. 

We were kindly sent a preview copy of the magazine at the beginning of the week and it has gone down a treat so far with both Erin and Rowan.   They have always enjoyed watching Andy’s Amazing Adventures on Cbeebies, they love Andy’s enthusiasm and learning all the facts about the animals so when the magazine arrived they couldn’t wait to check it out.

andys adventures1The first thing Erin was interested in was the free Dinosaur toys which had come with the magazine.  So with Erin entertained with the dinosaurs Rowan started looking through the magazine.  Each page is bright, colourful which makes it very engaging for children.  The magazine supports the Early Years curriculum and all the activities inside make learning fun from playing Dino Dash to colouring and counting dinosaur eggs.  The magazine also has over 40 stickers which your child can use throughout the magazine to enhance their learning experience.

andys adventures2

Some of the stickers that come with the magazine

After about ten minutes Erin wanted to join in looking through the magazine with Rowan.  It was really lovely to watch Rowan explain what was on some of the pages he had already read.  Usually when the children have a magazine with stickers in they rush to try and put them in the right places but on this occasion they resisted the urge to do this in favour of thoroughly reading through the pages first.

Then yesterday after school we had cbeebies on and Andy’s Amazing Adventures came on, as usual the children quickly came to sit down and watch.  Half way through Rowan got up and went to fetch the magazine and brought it back to where Erin and the little ones I was looking after were sat and started to show them the magazine too.   It was nice to see Rowan involving all the little ones in the magazine, he was very patient and slowly showed them each page and pointed out the things that he had liked.  unfortunately not long after this the little ones were collected but Rowan promised to show them the magazine again today so we will have to see how it unfolds. 

Andy’s Amazing Adventure’s Magazine is available from all good stockist and costs £2.75.  It is a monthly magazine and there is certainly lots to keep your little ones engaged with.  We are already looking forward to the next edition.  

Disclaimer:  We were sent a copy of Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine for the purpose of this post.  However the content is 100% my own.

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