Choosing the perfect flooring for your home

It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of renovating and decorating several rooms in our house.  It’s been a long slog so far and there’s still so much still to do.  We started with our kitchen two years ago and although it’s still not complete we’re on the home stretch.  However we have more recently had to shift our attention to other rooms due to the changing needs of the children. 

We are still dipping in and out of the kitchen however the last couple of weeks we have been reorganising the boys bedrooms to enable Erin to finally have a room of her own.  Until two weeks ago Trystan had his own room while Luc and Rowan shared one and Erin was in with us.  It’s an arrangement that worked well until now however Erin will be four in a fortnight and it’s time she had her own space.  The only option available to us at present is to move the three boys into the one room and Erin move into Trystan’s old room.  To be honest more often than not Trystan would end up sleeping in with his brothers so now he has his own bed in with them!  

The reorganisation has also meant we’ve had a huge clear out and also helped us identify jobs that need to be done.  One of these jobs is laying new flooring in several of the rooms.   The boys currently have an old carpet down which was down when we moved in four and a half years ago and it had been down for a while before that.   It’s now in desperate need of replacing and we are considering putting laminate flooring down instead.  This is mainly due to the fact it will be easier to clean than carpet.  It’s something that dad of 3 is very keen to do and the more I’ve thought of it the more I am warming to the idea.   But it’s also made me think about the other rooms we could do with changing the flooring in. 

We have a large sitting room/ play room which I use for my childminding business as well as, as a family.  Like the boys bedroom the carpet in there has been down since before that.  Due to the fact we use the rooms a lot the carpet is very worn in places and there is the odd stubborn stain that shampooing has failed to lift.  Dad of 3 and I have been looking this afternoon online at the different flooring options available.  It seems we could put carpet back down, laminate flooring or we could put engineered oak flooring.  Having read some more about engineered oak flooring it would be perfect for the sitting room/playroom, it’s hard-wearing and will withstand years of use but won’t warp or shrink.  Given how many feet pass through the playroom, how many little knees crawl across the floor something hard-wearing would be great.  It would also mean we wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it again in ten years or so.  I also love the look or oak furniture so really like the idea of having it as flooring.  

You see I think there is a purpose for every type of flooring, we have opted for tiles in the kitchen and dad of 3 has done a fantastic job laying them. Choosing the perfect flooring really does depend on the purpose you want it for and also personal preference.   I do like carpet however maintaining it can be a chore especially when you have a young family.  Plus carpet is not something that you would put down in a kitchen or bathroom for hygiene reasons, tiles or even lino is more suited to these rooms.

We have had to consider the following when choosing the perfect flooring is the purpose of the room we want to put it in, the cost for the flooring and the maintenance of the flooring.  Will it need to be replaced in ten years time?  Will be need to have the flooring cleaned professionally to maintain it?  Taking all these into consideration I think we’ve pretty much decided that wood flooring is the way to go for our sitting room/play room and for the boys bedroom so now we need to start looking to buy the flooring.

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